Severe head pain

I have been experiencing severe head pain behind my left ear for about a month now. It feels like someone has whacked me around the head with a baseball bat. My GP can find no cause for it (no temperature/signs of infection) but my MS nurse and neurologist do not think the pain is related to MS. I’ve had several attacks in the past that involve pain, usually around the neck and shoulder. I strongly think it’s a relapse but why do the specialists always think pain like this is not MS related? I can’t take amitryptiline or lyrica as they interact really badly with my RLS meds. Anyone else experience constant pain as an MS symptom/attack?


Hay Jools it sounds like the trigeminal neuralgia that i have its a horrid pain and i,m struggling to get it under control see my post “so much pain”

I hope for your sake that its not but its the only thing i can think off/

Hoping it gets better for you Barbara.xx

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for the reply. The pain has been slowly easing off over the last day or two which makes me believe even more that it’s a relapse. Hope you manage to control the trigeminal neuralgia. Sometimes this disease really gets you down.

thanks again,


Hi, in June 2005 I was diagnosed when I had my 2nd relapse. My symptoms were - although it’s a bit hard to explain - a weird sensation (almost like people who know they are having an epileptic fit) followed by a sharp pain in my head and then I had a spasmn that affected my right side which also included slurred speach and within 5 mins I was over it and this incresed to about 5 times an hour before i was admitted to hospital. Since then I have had sharp head pains that come and go. I don’t really call it a relapse, just a symptom that rears its ugly head every now and then. My neurologist was sceptical at 1st as I believe I was the 1st he had seen with it and then I had my 2nd MRI in 8 weeks and there were noticable changes with more lesions. Now I have been left with just the pains every now and then. They seem to rear their ugly heads when I am stressed or under the weather and often with other sensory MS symptoms (like numbness and tingling). Sounds like it could be similar. PM me if you want to chat. Sharon x