Im wondering if anyone can tell me if a sudden onset headache that just isnt going away, 2 days now, could be a sign of relapse? I dont normally get headaches, but do see from posts that they are quite common in MS. Ive only been diagnosed with MS officially since February, but have had symptoms for 2 years. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks Heather

Hi Heather,

I get lots of headaches especially lately. It was one of my first symptoms followed by ON, thats not to say headaches are followed by anything.

Do your ears pop and is the headache all over your head or one part. I seem to get right sided headaches which the neuro called migranes however I know its unusual for me, so tend to think it is ms connected. I like to think ms is trying to do its thing but not suceeding.

Yes headaches are common. Id write down the times you get them and if any noticeable other symptoms are present at the same time or just after, so you can follow progress and report back to ms nurse or neuro when you attend.

Best wishes



I know some neuros don’t think headaches are related to MS, but I would have thought that there are way too many posts on here about headaches for that to be true!

I guess it also depends on whether or not it is actually a headache - things like trigeminal neuralgia and occipital neuralgia can feel like headaches, but they aren’t really. People with MS are also more prone to migraine.

Whatever the possibilites, you should get it checked out, even if it’s just so you can get meds for it. Headaches are no fun :frowning:

Karen x

hi there, i get awful headaches frequently and my neuro thinks it’s part of the MS. This may not be the case for other people though, so it is best to try and rule out other causes first. It can be all too easy to put all health problems down to having MS, but we need to remember that not all symptoms are due to MS. Hope this helps, take care, love Bex xx

i have had headaches off and on for over a year now. when i get a headache it is not what i would call bad but more of a nusance, niggly kind.

Thanks everyone for your repllies.

Thankfully the headache has subsided, but now left with extreme fatigue. All I want to do is sleep and I feel all shaky inside. Im also slow in my thinking process and struggle to get the right word out to describe something. I have felt like this before in a relapse, but usually Ive had some weird numbness or tingling or weakness to deal with, never preceded with a headache.

So confusing, how do you know it is the MS and not some sort of bug? I havent seen my GP yet as keep hoping it will pass as quick as it came.