Headache won't go away!!

My headache is still here… I’m getting so fed up of it!!

I’ve had it now for 9 days!! Is this normal!!!

Hi JulesL

I get headaches, now I mean it in the back of my head I had my last one for a least one month and now I have it back agin with other symptoms.


Hi Jules, I suffer head pain too, I di get some relief from the neuropathic pain releif prescribed, maybe you should ask your gp. They only started prescribing them last week and they really help with buzzing and tingling too. (((hugs))) Frank.

I once had a headache last exactly one month: from 1st October to 31st October! It went as suddenly as it started and I have absolutely no idea what caused it although I suspect that it was MS-related (too weird to be anything else??).

If you haven’t had yours checked out properly, then you really should. Headaches can be caused by loads of things so you shouldn’t assume that it’s related to your other symptoms.

I hope it goes away soon!

Karen x

Hi Jules

Headaches are horrible arent they and I really hope yours goes very soon.

I have suffered with headaches/migraines since I was about 22; and the first headache I ever had put me in hospital for a week! Doctors said then it was probably a migraine. I am now not so sure as my symptoms were that when I woke up in the morning I could not move my upper body at all. I literally had to throw myself out of bed and slide down the stairs as the pain was so great. My neighbour had to call an ambulance after I sent my 4 yr old daughter to her.

I remember having an x-ray and I remember the doctors telling me I had to lay flat for a few weeks till it went (which was impossible as I was a single parent to a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old!).

It went finally after a couple of weeks. Now as I look back throughout my life (I am 48 now) I think that this was a ‘weird’ thing to happen, and I have had many weird things over the years, so I wonder if they are all related. I suppose I will never know.

Hope you feel better soon

Paula xx

Thanks everyone… making another appointment at the docs… not that they’re very good… fingers crossed it goes away soon!

Jules…don’t want to teach you to suck eggs but have you had your eyes checked recently?

I went to the Opticians to day to discover my eyesight has deteriorated very rapidly since becoming ill.

The Optician was surprised I hadn’t noticed but to be honest I felt so cra* it was probably way down the list of symptoms…I just went so as I could tick it off my list of things to check, lol.

Now I gotta find some money for some specs…oh joy!

I am having a very expensive game of monopoly right now. I am either in Jail, not passing go and landing on Mayfair…lol

You gotta laugh

Thanks Gillian

It’s a fair comment. But my eyes have been bad all my life!! Blind as a bat me! Well not quite! :slight_smile: I’ve worn glasses from about the age of 4 (I’m 42 now) so have regular check ups, and I tend to know now when my prescriptions has changed. It generally gives a forehead headache. This what I have now is a migraine type. Thanks for the advice though. It may certainy ring true for many people!

I’ve got a new doctors appointment on Wednesday, thats the earliest they can see me!!

I’ve actually read somewhere, can’t remember where now, about headaches and MS, it could be something to do with the lesions… no idea how true it was. I read about a girl who’d had a severe headache which actually led to her disgnosis… Maybe something in it?

I don’t really get into statistics or stuff but I had terrible migraines in my 30’s resulting in me being hospitalised.

Lumbar Puncture was inconclusive … think they got blood in it or something…and I didnt have an MRI at the time.

To be fair though my symptoms would not have hinted at MS then.

I was then given Oral Lyophilisate (wafers) and they have kept the migraines well at bay ever since…they have been a godsend.

I’m not diagnosed with MS, and if I’m not diagnosed with it I will jump up and down with joy…but there does seem to be some sort of link beween headaches and MS symptoms.

Hope they give you some decent jollop soon Jules


Hey Jules,

Sorry to hear about the unrelenting headache :frowning:

As a headache and migraine sufferer myself you have my sympathy. One possibility is that if you have been taking pain relief regularly for a few days for it you may have created a situation called rebound headache. Migraine is particularly prone to this and can rapidly change into daily headache if too many painkillers are taken. Bummer, isn’t it? One way to find out is to go cold turkey off any painkillers and if it is a rebound headache you should be pain free in about 48 hours. But the next couple of days could be pretty horrid.

But the basic rule with headaches is that if you are a regular sufferer of head ache and your usual pattern of head ache changes, you should get it checked by your Dr so I guess a GP’s visit should be your first port of call.

Hope you get some relief soon,