Head pain

Hi, for the last few days I have felt like I have bashed the side of my head. I haven’t done anything to it and there is nothing to see. For the last week I have had an itchy eye lid and this morning it feels painful and now have an accompanying headache. I don’t know if this is just an ms thing or something else. I initially put it down to one of the weird and wacky symptoms of ms, like my hands feeling like they’ve been burnt and my many other sensory symptoms but now I’m beginning to wonder. I have tried to get to see my dr but the soonest is next month. Just wondering what to do ? Any thoughts or has anyone else had this? Thanks Lynn

Hi Lynn, You should not be getting pains in your head, MS related or not. I concur with Jen, get an emergency appt’ with your doc’ and don’t take no for an answer. Do let us know how you get on. Sending (((((HUGS))))) Janet x

Hi, I went to the doctors, managed to get seen, but was told it could be the ms and to return if it persists. Infuriating when I was there because it is persisting . Hope it goes over the weekend.

Hi I get pains in my head, usually on the side. They can vary from short sharp stabbing pains to longer duller pains like someone is pressing a knitting needle into my head. I was advised to increase my gabapentine dose which seems to have cleared it up. However I was recently advised to reduce my gabapentine as I am being investigated for a heart problem and they wanted to be sure it wasn’t my medication causing my symptoms. Anyway as soon as I did the pains in my head came back but as soon as I increased it back up again pains went. If it persists I would try going back to doctors to see whether any medication could help. Mish x

Sounds a bit like Trigeminal Neuralgia,i get this its nerve pain an inflamation of the nerve and it can be anywhere on your head face or neck,i take pregablin for this it dosnt always keep it under control but most of the time its bearable. perhaps your dr could try you on something like this to see if it helps you.

Hope you get some relefe soon i know its not pleasant,


Cheers for the replies. I take pregabalin, so I may just see if I can up my dose and see if it goes.

Hi Lynn, and all u it here’s out there!!! Woohooo my first post! Anywho, I feel ur pain as I experience similar pain in my head, my scalp hurts at time like I’ve bruise it! I get sharp pains in my head, at times I get what feels like cold pin pricks which are so random, and the most weirdest sensation in my head!, is i feel like I am experiencing cold trickling like sensations in my head! It’s all a bit bizarre but just have to accept it and get on with it, after all am still functioning…thank the universe!!!