Excruciating head pain any help please?

Hi Everyone, I have been getting this severe pain on the right side of my head. It is like a hammer is banging you on the head/ shooting pain electric shock. Could this be a relapse? I was given pregabalin by the neurologist 50 mg increasing to 150 mg. I do have rrms. Someone did say it was trigeminal neuralgia, but it doesn’t affect my face. Don’t know what this is but the pain is excruciating. I am now on 100mg of pregabalin and co-codamol and still in pain. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

OMG, this was me almost a year ago! I developed a severe sharp stabbing pain on the right side of my head from level with my ear to the base of my head. It started as a pain every couple of hours and then every hour and so on until it was virtually continuous. I could not sleep nor could I bare any contact with my head eg from a pillow. I was so desperate I actually felt suicidal.

My partner got me an emergency appointment with my GP and he said if he could sedate me then the nerve might have a chance to relax or release itself or whatever nerves do !.

Anyway he prescribed 48 tablets of Diamazipan and said take 2/3 every four hrs for the next 5 to 6 days. He said they would knock me out big time but he felt that was what my body needed.

Well they took a couple of days to kick in but once they did I was out of it, I only came round to go to the loo and have a drink and then I was asleep again. I think I slept for about 4/5 days and then started to reduce the dose slowly and gradually came back to the land of the living. It worked, the pain in my head was completely gone and it has never come back.

I’m not saying this will work for you but it might !!

I now also take gabapentin for general nerve pain

Good luck x

Hi Murphs,

Just a possibility; what if it’s not MS? Take a look at Hughes Syndrome; mimics MS but can cause severe headaches; see


OMG, I had horrendous pain in head last year… was DX with Occipital neuralgia… never felt anything like it before nor would like to ever again. Was given Gabapentin and they worked a treat x