Terrible pain ..:(

Hi Guys For about 3 days now have been getting the most terrible pain down one side of my face !! I’m my temple underneath eye and the worse my jaw and neck . Feels like someone is pulling all my teeth out :frowning: having trouble moving my jaw and eating , as it increase pain !! Can not speak to the Ms nurses yet so wondered if anyone has any advice or tips on how to help? It’s getting me down now . Thanks :frowning:

Sounds like it might be trigeminal neuralgia. My MS nurse told me that carbamazepine is the best med for it, so it might be worth calling your GP first thing about it (as well as your nurse). If you take neuropathic painkillers already, you could consider increasing the dose a bit - ordinary painkillers won’t help :frowning:

For advice on how to deal with it right now, I recommend posting on the Everyday Living forum - there are bound to be people with experience on there. (I’m lucky - only ever had “trigeminal sensory disruption” and not neuralgia - so I don’t want to give you rubbish advice!)

Karen x

Hi Poppet, oooh sounds awful. Are you taking anything? Try Paracetamol (or any over-the-counter pain killer) if you are not on other pain med’s.

Phone your GP at opening time tomorrow and try and get an urgent appointment.

Hope you feel much better soon,

Pat x

Thank you Karen & Pat for replies , I will make a GP appointment in the morning , have tired all sorts of painkillers and nothing touches it !! :frowning: its keeping me awake at night and eating is a nightmare . Hopefully won’t last to long . Thanks again x

If it is Trigeminal Neuralga the drug Amitriptyline is very helpful (it is an antidepressant, but don’t let that put you off… it’s very good at dealing with nerve pain).

Good luck.

Pat x

Thanks Pat , anything would be good just to even take it away even a little bit :frowning:

Hi Poppet

I’m not diagnosed but I think I had TN last year (had eyes and teeth checked and dentist thought it was TN too). My pain was excrutiating and involved my eye. I had stabbing in it 20-30 times in quick sucession which lasted about 4 hours and then a dull borring pain. This then spread and my jaw went into spasm. Like you I couldn’t eat anything solid - my teeth kept banging together on the L. Mine thankfully did recover after 3 weeks though i get the odd bit of random facial pain since.

Definitely go see your GP/neuro. In the meantime try and stick to foods you don’t have to put too much effort into chewing like soups or toast dipped into tea so it’s soft. Some people find things touching their face, wind, cold or brushing teeth etc triggers/makes it worse. I didn’t apart from wind but it’s something to be aware of. I was taking co-codamol for mine at the time and it barely touched the pain for me but as i said by the time I saw the neuro it was on the mend so i didn’t take anything further.

Good luck Poppet hope you feel better soon.


ps: try not to talk too much unless you have to. i found talking a lot or too much facial expression made me feel worse through out the day (great fun in a hospital when you work with patients).

Thank you Reemz for your advice really appreciate it . I have managed to get a GP Appointmant for tomorrow I to thought it was my tooth to start but it kept spreading And like you said the anything touching my face or teeth Is total agony !!:frowning: got really bad twitching über my eye today aswell . Must to a lot of people’s delight in trying not to talk too !! Lol It’s hard work .:slight_smile: been on the soup for 4 days. Now . Hopefully like yours it won’t last to long . Thank you again Sarah x