MS hug in the head

I have been having really sharp pains in my head over the last couple of weeks. Has anyone else had this? What have you done to try to cope, should I see the doctor???

yes me too on for a few seconds then done feels like a sharp knife

i used to call those the “meat cleaver in the skull” headaches! (drama queen). haven’t had one for years so the chances are that yours will become less frequent. by all means tell your GP because it is good to have it on your medical records.

Yes, I get this too. It only lasts a few minutes but it’s really painful and intense when it comes along. One of many weird symptoms! Humph.

Hi Foxygirl, sorry for the late reply. How are you now? Did you visit your doctor? I’ve been getting those sharp stabbing pains in my head on and off for almost 14 years now. In fact it was one of the symptoms I was suffering with when I was diagnosed. Most of the time I leave them untreated, but I know if I go to my GP they will prescribe me a neuropathic pain reliever like Gabapentin to keep them at bay. I’m a tad under the weather with a bad cold at the moment and they have started to show up again! Grrr. Take care, Sharon

Hi, yes I have these fairly frequently, they take my breath away the pain is that bad. I mentioned them to the doctor a few years ago and he said it was a type of headache which I can’t remember the name of but nothing to worry about and didn’t think it was MS related. I am not convinced but have not mentioned them to the MS nurse just put up with it and add it to the other million symptoms MS surprises us with.

Hi Foxygiirl,

Doubt if it’s ‘the hug’ in the head as that is caused by spasms in tiny intercostal muscles between each rib.

It could be however Hughes Syndrome or sticky blood, see


Interesting, however my symptoms were stabbing pain, spasms, speech loss, lack of taste & balance issues and together with an MRI, with new lesions, indicated they were related to my MS (I was in hospital for 2 weeks being investigated & treated) and I was diagnosed with RRMS just 3 months after my first symptom, ON. So although these head pains are less common than other MS symptom it doesn’t mean they’re not related. However, I do agree that these pains could also be symptoms of other diseases. Thanks for your input. Sharon

Hi Foxygirl, I’m SPMS and I’ve had similar for many years

Recently (in the last year) found a cure that’s working for me (and medically supported by my doctor) - this being CBD oil as a true natural medication rather than a pharma medicine

Doctor said one of his other medications would have been Amitriptyline but this is pharma medicine which I wanted to avoid

Benefit of CBD oil has also been convenience - 2 sprays under the tongue in the morning (and two mid to late afternoon if required?) and jobs a good-un!

CBD oil has also helped in some other symptoms as well I think, but it’s certainly helped my head pains