Pain in the head!!!

I was diagnosed with MS about 7 years ago, 6 week after a car accident (not my fault), with relapsing remitting MS. I have been lucky really as I haven’t really had many symptoms since then, all sensory - spasms, which affected my speech and double vision, both cured with 2 weeks in hosp with IV drips.

On thurday, at work, I felt an almighty pain in the back of the head, followed by a strange metalic type taste in my throat. I sat down, in the staff room and soon realised my right side of my face and neck was numb and parts of my tongue. I left work and was taken to the docs by my husband, as she wanted to see me following a telephone conversation with her. This was to rule out a hemmorage in my brain as my syptoms are fairly similar, I believe. I was sent home, told that is was prob MS but if thing changes I should go to a & e immediately.

The good news is nothing changed so my syptoms are ms. The numbness has cleard up but I keep getting these sharp pains in my head, sometimes just above and behind my ear and more recently in my right temple. The thing is I am not on any meds yet and paracetamol doesn’t touch the sharp pains at all. I took friday off work as my head was away with the fairies but I am unsure of how to proceed now. Is there any meds out there that would help?

Yours very gratefully

Sharon x

Hi Sharon,

Yes, you need to go back to the doctor and discuss this. It sounds as if you are experiencing nerve pain, which normal painkillers wouldn’t touch at all.

You need a painkiller specifically targeting nerve pain. Thankfully, there are several, so it should be possible to find one that helps. None are available over-the-counter, though, so it’s definitely a prescription job.

Good luck!


Sorry you are having a rough time. There certainly are drugs to help damp down neuropathic pain and this is well worth pursuing. I think many of us will have shared the experience of them rushing around worrying that we have had a stroke, by the way - I know I have - and then deciding that it was only MS after all. None of this is good for the nerves though, is it?

I hope you feel much better soon.



Thanks Alison & Tina, I have just returned from the docs with a perscription for carbamazapine, so hopefully that will sort the pain out.

Cheers for the comments