Burning in back of head

Hi all hope your all doing ok

Just wondered if anyone could relate to what I can only describe as a sharp burning pain on the back of my head it’s not like an headache as it only effects an area about as big as a £2 coin and mainly appears at night although I do have it throughout the day but more in small sharp bursts

Ive be had it for about a month or so now in the same spot each time …

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Hi Cody, it sounds like nerve pain to me… but never take it for granted that it’s MS. See your GP just to check it out.

Are you on any meds for nerve pain? If not, might be worth discussing with GP. Many of us take Gabapentin, Pregabalin or Amitriptyline for nerve pain.

Sounds nasty and hope you get it sorted.

Pat xx

Hi Cody,

i get this pain…tends to pop up anywhere…was told it was nerve endings causing sensory problems…when it happens I up my gabapentin and usually helps…but have to say not always. Have a word with your nurse or GP, hopefully they will help.

nina x

I used to get what my GP at the time described as “vascular headaches” - sharp pain, very different to a normal headache, and in a very precise location, in my case a bit behind my right ear was the usual place. Neither paracetamol nor ibuprofen touched it. I had a two week course of betablockers (that was fun: trying to revise for university finals while feeling completely detached from reality!) and that more or less sorted the problem out - I get them very occasionally now, never for long.

Definitely go and see your GP. Given you’re here, it’s much more likely to be nerve pain but your GP should be able to give you pain relief that works.