Burning back

Hi am a 50yr old woman was diagnosed with ppms about 5yrs ago but had the signs for 30+ . Take both gaba and amytriptlyne but for the past 3 weeks have got an intense burning pain in my right shoulder what comes in waves especially with movement would describe it as a blow torch taking my breath away ! Was wondering if it was the ms or my age ! A anyone any ideas to ease it !! Thanks !!

Hi DBird, the nearest I’ve had to what you are experiencing was trigeminal neuralgia - incredible pain shooting down one side of my face into my lower jaw - as if someone was using a hammer and chisel on my jaw. Fortunately and with, the help of strong pain killers from the GP it passed after a week or so. I’m no medic but I suppose it’s possible that you are suffering from something similar. However, as my MS Nurse and Consultant say - don’t assume that everything is MS related and get things checked out by your GP.

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Thank you hank dogs spoke to ms nurse and gp it is new ms sympton and changed my meds from amytriptaline to norotryptaline ! Just hope they work ! At least got a good night sleep last night.