shooting pains in head

Hi all just a quick question does anybody suffer with shooting pains in there head ? For the last 6 months or maybe more I have been suffering with sharp shooting pains in my head its not headache its just shoots of pain that last a few seconds that come and go . I can feel fine then bam it shoots across my left side and is so painful it puts me on my knees . As the months have gone on its getting more and more painful and more often . It is really starting to scare me , has anybody else suffered with this ? Thanks x x

Hi kissy,

I get these a lot.

I call them “thunderbolts” and they’re agony!

Like you, I only experience the pain for seconds at a time - excruciating.

I’ve been told they are an ms symptom, but nothing to worry about!



This question was asked recently - stabbing pains in head.

Have bumped it up to the top of the list for you.

Jen x

Thankyou both so much :slight_smile: i feel so much more relaxed Knowing im not alone with this , even though its so painful at least i know its just a ms thing and can try and deal with it , Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, i’m undx but have had these. Doc gave me Amitrypiline excuse spelling. It’s called Trigemeal Miyalgia again excuse spelling, i can’t even pronounce it lol.

Sonia x