Sharp pains in head

I get sharp shooting pains in the head when I shake my head or when my body is jarred when I drive my wheelchair over uneven surfaces such as pavements. The pain ceases as soon as the movement triggering it stops. I have not yet sought medical advice. I suppose as it does not seem to be a big problem. But I did check with my optician and there were no signs of vision problems such as glaucoma. Has anyone else experienced this symptom?

I had some sharp stabbing pains in the back of my head directly in line with my left eye when I was driving on Saturday and especially when I was on a bumpy road. I did start to wonder if I had started to suffer with ice pick headaches because I had about 8 sharp pains in the space of a couple of minutes and they were really painful but only lasted for a second or two each time. I wasn’t travelling quickly and they didn’t affect my vision but they did worry me a little.

When we got into the city I made sure I had a drink and tried to forget about them. I had a couple more later in the day and nothing since. Very weird.

I’m just hoping it was a one off and it doesn’t happen again. I’ve promised to drive my son to Heathrow at the end of the month so if this happens on longer journeys then I’m stuffed …

Tracey x

Thank you elmo. I hope these pains don’t return. I still get them but only when my head or body are jarred as I explained. All the best

Hi Angie,

I have had sharp pains in my head for years now but not caused by anything specific. They come quickly last a matter of seconds and go. It happens a lot but having told my consultant at Moorfields they just shrug it off. I think it’s just one of MS little tricks. Painful though.



I get stabbing head pains daily. Nothing to do with motion. 5 - 10 seconds at a time. And there’s the 24 hr headaches. They’re a once in a blue moon scenario luckily. …

I had a big relapse that lead to my diagnosis which started with sharp pains in my head, these progessed to big spasms that affected the whole of my right side, including my speech. At its worse I took 10 - 15 mins to recover but in the beginning it was just the sharp head pains which I recovered from very quickly. At the time my neuro hadnt seen anything like it before & I had a 2 week stay at Bham QE. And to date ive not heard of anyone with the same issues. Stress seems to play a part in my pains and they come back to haunt me every now and again.

Thank you Janet. My doctor thinks it is wear and tear in the neck and/or spine and has recommended physio. Thankfully these pains are not constant.

Sorry about that Carraboy. Your symptoms are worse than mine. Is there nothing that can be done? Best of luck and thanks for your reply.

Thanks for your reply Sallum. You have had a very tough time. So far my head pains are tolerable and caused only when my body or head is jarred. All the best. Hope things get better for you.