squatty potty

i’ve just watched a video promoting the squatty potty.

it sounds good sense and i might try it.

maybe good for my hubbys IBS

carole x

Just popped in for a bit of help (again) Carole.I am going to call you Potty Mouth.Is this for your Glamping??I am scampering off to google it…you cudda attached a link for golly’s sake, lol. Gill x

oh gill, i’m not techy enough to post links!

fortunately it used line drawings not photos!

carole x

Ha! I googled it and expected to see a camping accessory! I call that a thrusting board! I need one to fit round my commode…better get hubby on to designing one for me.

Any orders? But I guess I should be guinea pig for a prototype first, eh?


Poll I agree…though it looks like something that should go over a hole in the back garden, lol. I dont think it helped that the model I was looking at was Bamboo…quite oriental. The phrase “makes for easier defecation” just puts me right off. Nah I will keep my constipation and piles until you convince me otherwise Poll. Carole keep us posted on whether you purchase, lol. Gill

I was intrigued so googled it. Am I missing the point or wouldn’t any stool under your feet do the same thing like one of those cheap plastic ones.

barney owl - i thought exactly the same.

we used to have a small stool when my boys were just starting to use a grown up toilet.

shame i didnt keep it but they are 24 and 25 now.

carole x

Hi again.

Yeh, of course anything sturdy to put your feet on would do the same job…hubby, a large child, a dog, haha!


Thanks Poll that nade me chuckle