The OT visited today and she is getting me various items. A grab rail on the stairs; a seat which raises you up and down for the bath ; a frame around the toilet ; and a flipping commode. I am 51 and a short while ago a fit runner and cyclist. Now I feel like a dead great granny. Thanks MS, I love you too! Pat

Hi Pat Sorry your having to have these things I had to have them too at the delightful age of 29, so it’s not all bad that your 51 and need them, not. Nice but sometimes needs must. Thankfull I don’t need the commode or frame round the loo at the moment but there always there for if I do. Wouldnt be without my extra handrail & shower seat though. Sue x

Hi, I have a long list of equipment I use.

I dont hate any of them. They make life safer and a bit easier.

Some parts of my house look like a hospital ward.

I used to be very houseproud and would never have imagined how things would turn out.

You say you feel like a dead great granny…I`m 60 and a granny…certainly not a dead one!

luv Pollx.

I know Pat, none of us want these things in our home,a constant reminder that we are disabled.

Just a word about the loo seat raiser…do be very careful when using it, as i had one and it kept slipping. Not a good idea when we are dodgy on our pins, eh?

luv Pollx

I have all those aids that you mention Pat and also a bed rail to help get myself out of bed… I too am 51 and been diagnosed with MS since 2004 - now secondary progressive. My OT is eager for me to have a stair lift now. I would say just be grateful that you have a team of therapists that are willing to help and supply all these aids to make your life a little easier. There are plenty of people who are not so lucky to get the things they need. There are no pleasing some people