Hello from me

Recently diagnosed with PPMS. I am feeling very positive as I have been with all my illnesses and my husbands. I know life is going to change but we have started making life better for us with making changes. We are having a stair lift installed soon as getting up and down the stairs is difficult for me, we’ve already made alterations in the bathroom as husband is an amputee. Around the house I’m OK. Waiting to hear about whether I can drive. And have applied for PIP.
I do get tired in the afternoon so have a short nap. We are going out and about as we have lunch out and run errands etc. Trying to keep mobile as I can.

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Hi Janie, good for you! its lovely to here how positive you are - go for it x

Hi, I was just wondering what aids people find most useful? There are so many items designed to help us, but some we don’t know exists. For instant, I was told the other day about a tipping kettle - has a rounded base and sits in a cradle so you can tip the water out without lifting it - brilliant idea.

My newest aid which im loving is a foot lift. Its just a loop at the bottom of a strap which i can use to lift my leg into the car - so simple yet makes life easier.

Which products help you?

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