Spasticity on exercise.

I have a leison in my lower brain stem.
Causes right sided weakness.

I used to jog 5ks however since this relapse i initially struggled to walk well but can now manage a jog for one or two mins.

While im trying to jog my right side starts loose then starts to Stiffen. My hand almost claw like and pulls up to my Chest and im tripping up over my stiff leg. Does anyone know why this is? I even spoke to a neurophysio who didnt know.

I assume is something to do with core temperature getting higher or fatigue?

Anyone know the science behind it?

I can’t jog to save my life , can just about walk lol :laughing:
I think it’s called uhtoffs phenomenon which basically means that a rise in body temperature can cause symptoms to flare up temporarily.

You could run this past your ms team if you have one to see what they say …

Thank you for your response!
This is actually really helpful it has a name.
Thought i was going mad.
Thank you again