Symptoms and the effects on every day things..

Hey, so I just have a couple of questions about ms and exercise and also about body temperature, and wondered if anyone could help. So firstly, my body temperature is always really high, I mean insanely high, and this is a thing I’ve noticed since being diagnosed, I’m wondering if its a coincidence or if that is related to ms? Secondly when I was in the process of being diagnosed I went into hospital as the whole right side of my body was numb. I’ve been having this numbness on and off lately in my legs and wanted people’s opinions on whether it is still okay for me to go about my normal exercise routine of running and gym classes or to slow down abit? Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks Amy :slight_smile:

Dear Amy,I see from your profile that you’re very newly diagnosed, so you will still be learning what your body is ‘saying’ to you.I don’t know much about body temperature issues.Peeps on here will have thoughts on that,but if you haven’t mentioned this to your GP it probably wouldn’t hurt.

As for the gym and running if you feel 100% then your body might be giving you the thumbs up and I hope the weather is alright for trotting about…Getting used to slowing down a bit if required is difficult,but it may be neccesary sometimes.Over the years I’ve had to prioritize the use of my energy to make sure that by bed time everything was done, and I’d be ready to hurtle into the next day.

Best wishes, Wb

Hi, in the years before I knew I had ms but knew something was wrong and when I was first diagnosed and was able, I just exercised as normal, I didn’t not do it because of the ms, I just did as I was going to do anyway, I still do in fact but since my walking is so bad nowadays it doesn’t involve so much exercise. I didn’t slow down a bit just because I had ms. As for your body temperature, are you on any medication? When I first started betaferon, I had flu like symptoms that made me feel hot, I counteracted this with ibuprofen. Cheryl:-)

Hi Amy I have terrible problems with temperature control…sometimes my skin feels freezing cold but inside I’m boiling up. And for no reason, whatsoever I will suddenly start totally sweating, like literally, it’s dripping off me. My nurse first tipped me off to it being a symptom of MS but then my neuro confirmed it and told me that sometimes the bodies thermostat doesn’t work effectively. Xx

hi amy,

i’m just sooooo jealous that you feel up to going to the gym!!!


Hey :slight_smile: To Wb- think your right there, I don’t really know just yet how my body is going to be day to day…is there ever a time where that becomes more apparent? I have tried to slow down a little bit but I often find I feel worse if I completely stop so I’m trying to find the right balance…thank you! -Cheryl~ that’s interesting and good that you didn’t stop, is there any exercise you do now even though your walking is not that great? I’m not currently on any medication, just take a range of different supplements, I guess I could try ibuprofen if my temperature gets that bad anytime soon :slight_smile: thanks! :slight_smile: -MrsH~ I get like that, dripping with sweat, I’ve noticed it more when I’ve felt really stressed or been having a particularly bad day…made the summer of last year very uncomfortable anyway! good to know that a neurologist has said to you this can happen, thanks for that! Xx -vickyj75~ haha believe me I have days where i go and it knocks me out for days and other times I go and feel perfectly fine! do you not get to do any exercise? xx