muscle spasms

Hi Everyone, sorry I haven’t been around for a while, things just seem to be running at top speed but my body is lagging behind, the margins getting larger. I hope you’re all well and the weather isn’t a bad for you as it is here.

I just wanted to ask if any of you get muscle spasms and “jump” a lot when tired. I get the nervous tics when my reflexes are stimulated and have been told I have hyper sensitivity there so that doesn’t bother me, but I’m frightened that this is the start of spacticity. I’ve been told that my current levels of spacticity is what is keeping me mobile, but those of you who have a higher level of this, is this how you started?? I’m hoping this is just stress as my dad is now very poorly, I suppose I just want to know if any of you had periods of muscle spasms and tics which went away or if they just tend to become more severe.


Cath x

What do you mean by muscle spasm Cath where or which muscle goes into spasm?

My experience of this I can only describe as full body spasm where all my muscles went into spasm and I had no control. My legs bent at the knee and they came up to my chest, my hands and arms contorted usually lifting to above my head. I feel as though I have to force air in and out to enable me to breath it only last for a minute or two but it was very frightening. I had these about five years ago over a period of six days till they were brought under control with Baclofen and Diazepam. I have had less severe ones which were limited to one leg or an arm but non since the most severe ones I described from five years ago. These occurred every couple of hours when they were at their peak. At one point I dreamt I was braking hard in my car only to wake up having a spasm caused by the hard braking in my dream.

I do experience sensations in my legs when I have to move/stretch my legs to ease the sensation. I have tried not moving my legs to see if the movement is voluntary or involuntary but the sensation is such that I can’t not move. I haven’t described it very well so apologies if it doesn’t make sense.

Jan x

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Sorry to hear your Dad is poorly, and that you are not so good either, stress maybe adding to your problems, it certainly works that way for me.

I take baclofen for spasms and spasticity, but it does not relieve them completely, but helps with what. I call ‘locking spasms’ but I am also aware of my legs being jerky, especially when in bed.

I understand what you sayy about needing some spasticity to walk, and that baclofen, when taken in larger doses, can sometimes make your legs more wobbly than normal, so it can be trial and error finding the dose what suits you.

Is it worth having a word with your MS nurse (if you have one) or the GP to have a chat and see what they suggest?

I do hope both you and your Dad feel better quickly ((((hugs)))) take care

Pam x

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Hi Cath

i have spasms in my leg, they jump and the muscles cramp. My left leg is worse. They can get particularly insistent on car journeys when I can’t change position.

Episodes tend to happen at the same times of day, mainly from around lunch time and often in the wee small hours in bed. I take baclofen. I guess I’d only find out how much it helps if I were to stop taking them.

I’m pretty sure these spasms are induced by bladder and bowel issues, and my neurologist agrees. In fact if my left leg starts jumping it’s often my body telling me I need to pee! That’s usually the problem in the car.

Anyway, these symptoms have been around for some time- they haven’t left me but they haven’t got worse. I do hope you find that your symptoms do ease and things get easier for you in general.



I find 375mg of magnesium eases problems with spasm & cramp and worth trying before the more serious drugs.

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Thanks Everyone. Jean your experience sounds terrifying, I’m so glad it’s eased off for you. Kev I initially found it happened at night sitting down and I think it’s happening more when I’m tired, but recently it’s happening during the day too.

Pam it’s like a puppeteer is tugging on strings attached to different parts of my body, mostly but not exclusively my legs. I will contact my nurse if they continue but just wanted to see how common they are. You’ve all reassured me quite a bit though so thanks, I knew I could count on my lovely friends here.

Well I hope you all have a safe weekend. We’re under a weather warning for gales and rain again so I’ve offered to stay with my dad while mum does her Xmas shopping. We’re not allowed to make dad feel like he’s being babysat so I’m going to give him a wet shave and visit. He’s frightened of being on his own but too proud to admit it but I take my kindle so he’ll sleep while I’m reading. Much preferable to braving the weather.

Thanks again.

Cath x

Sorry Jan, spell checker thought it knew you better than me!!!

Thanks Whammel, I’ll try that as I don’t really want more prescription meds considering all I take now!