Does anyone else ?

Hi, so I’ve had MS for nearly 20yrs, I went straight in a SP and I have a lot of symptoms. So like a lot on here I get spasms, I mostly get mine in my leg and both feet and both hands, but recently on and off I’ve been getting them in the whole area of my torso and sometimes there so bad they take my breath away, at the moment they only last about 30secs, but its very uncomfortable and a little unnerving, so my question is, does anyone else get them in this area ?
thanking you in advance,

Hi Jean

I used to have what I called a ‘locking spasm’ in my back which made it unable to move and very painful, along with spasms in my legs. The neuro out me on Sativex and it certainly helps.

Do you think your neuro would reconsider and let you try it. I know everyone is different but it may help you as well.

Hope you get some relief Jean, take care.

Pam x

Hi Pam, Thank you for your reply, I was sent for Sativex last December and was told it wasn’t suitable for me, as the stiffness in my legs was the only thing keeping me walking, so although I don’t walk anymore (been in electric wheelchair since March) I don’t feel neuro would change his mind, as at the moment I can still transfer myself, but thank you anyway, take care.
Jean x

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