Hi All,

I’ve been diagnosed for the last 3 yrs with SPMS and my mobility has been worsening through the onset of back spasm after either trying to walk too far or standing more than a few mins, this then results later in stiffness in the same area. My MS Nurse says this is due to the nerve damage in my spine but my Rehab Consult thinks it may be more to do with arthritis and has recommended to my GP that I be referred to a Rheumatologist. My RC has suggested reducing the Baclofen dose that I’m on but the back spasms increase if I do this. I also have difficulty keeping warm this time of year but have fatigue probs when it’s too warm ( albeit rare in this country)

Does anyone else suffer these sort of symptoms? If so please let me know your thoughts as I think I’m losing the plot arrrgh!!! Thank you

The back spasm sounds exactly like mine. I have been seeing a rheuy for about two years now the last time I saw him he saw and felt the spasm it has not relaxed in about three months now but it gets worse when I walk and when I stand such as chatting to someone or waiting in a shop queue. I have had and exray but not had the result yet. One day last week I got the same sort of spasm in the other side of my back.