Hi new to all this need help advice

Hi people im richard im 46 and just got told by neurologists that i have ms .iv been dragging my limp right side around for 3 months before my wife made me go to a&e . I had 3 doses of iv steroids and lumbar puncher and 2 mris before i was told i had ms . I was just asking for some advice im still recovering think im in remission. but if i try and do to much or get to hot my symtoms come back like weekness in right arm and leg and i start dragging my leg.and arm is limp with spasticty is this normal and how can i prevent this from happning . Pls some help or advice i dont see neurologist till 1st march .

In my own experience, that is what relapses tend to do, yes. some people report that their symptoms resolve completely, particularly in the early days of MS. Sometimes they leave some permanent residual damage. Quite often, even when the symptoms have more or less resolved, they will temporarily worsen again when you are overheated. This is something to do with raised temperature interfering with conduction of neural signals in slightly tattered neural wiring. short answer: you’ll have to wait and see. I hope that your recovery of function continues and that you soon feel properly well again.

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Again, from my own experience it is very hard to go from a fit male, being strong and used to pushing yourself, to learn that pushing yourself is no longer the right thing to do. Heat is bad so cardio exercise becomes bad though cycling can be good. The airflow cools you and it’s low impact so the joints don’t heat up. Heavier weights in the gym are the way to go I’d say. It’s a big transition to get used to taking it easy when all your life has been about doing something else. That’s pretty key I think.

On spasticity, you won’t have access to an MS nurse yet but your GP can help. Talk to them about it and they may prescribe Baclofen which is the most common antispacticity drug - if what the GP sees is spasticity that is of course!

Hope this helps. Kind Regards - Gregor


Thanx so much for the info alison this helps i rang my neurologist today and she asked me to come in to york hospital tomorrow and bring a night bag so hopful she can help me iv gone from walking a mile a day to struggling to stand for more than 15m with out laying down trying to identifying my triggers defo heat and movment thanx for the help rich :grin:

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Thanks druss for getting back so fast very helpful people on this forum are so helpful im of to see the nerolgist tomorow and i hope she can help with this and do tests and give me advice on how to deal with this problem will keep you all posted how it goes :grin:

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