Struggling and would love some advice please

Hello all I’m really struggling at the minute. Diagnosed 6 weeks ago, current relapse started mid-April ( not actually sure if it’s 2 separate ones or heat). I’ve had awful muscle spasms and tightness in my lower back, bum and legs which has now spread to upper back too. I’m seeing ms specialist in 2 weeks so have been hanging on for that but I’m in a lot of pain and discomfort now. D’you think I should see my GP or will they want to wait to see what consultant says? I’ve been using voltarol gel and taking painkillers but nothings working. In the evenings I have a kind of crawling sensation under my skin then the muscles spasm and my legs twitch and jerk. It’s so horrible :frowning: - I’m sure you know that, sorry. I used to use a heat pack but it’s far too hot at the minute. Have a wheat pack that I put in the freezer but that makes me feel like my skin is burning. I think I’ve talked myself into seeing GP now! Mind you it could be a week before I can get an appointment. Any tips for what I can do in the meantime will be greatly appreciated x

I would see my GP. I think, they are allowed to deal with symptoms of MS and, furthermore, are expected to, as they can see you quickly.

It may well be neuropathic pain (MS can be the cause) so regular remedies wouldn’t work.

So I agree with you talking yourself into seeing your GP. I would be insistent on having a appointment SOON!

I’m sorry I have no idea what to do in the meantime. I think drugs for neuropathic pain have to be prescribed. The reason for insistence on seeing your GP soon. You have MS and pain that is not responding to regular remedies.

Hi, sorry to hear how much you are suffering hun.

Drugs for pains like nerve pain and spasm and spasticity are not available without prescription.

A locum GP gave me amitriptyline, years ago and it works wonders. That stopped my agonising pain in the back of my legs and bum cheeks!

Baclofen for spasticity was given to me by neuro.

Hope you get some relief soon, as I know how miserable severe pain can be.

luv Pollx

Thanks guys. I managed to go to a music festival yesterday that I’d been looking forward to for months. Took a chair and sat for most if the day but stood for half an hour for one of the bands that I really wanted to see and I’m paying for it today so I’m going to try to get an emergency appointment tomorrow with gp. I’ll let you know how I get on. Don’t really want to take amitryptiline as I’ve had it before and put a stone on in about 3 weeks! If it means I can put my knickers on without being in agony though I suppose I’ll have to give a go x