GP can't help me

I’m having a moan more than anything. In December I was told that I probably had MS due to my MRI showing 3 lesions in the brain and spine. My neurologist suggested a lumbar puncture to confirm diagnosis and I had this 6 weeks ago. I spoke with my GP the other day as I have restless legs at night. It’s more achy than anything else but worse in heat and after exercise. It’s fine when I walk but keeps me awake at night. I explained I was going on holiday in a few weeks and would be very hot and would be exercising more than normal. They refused to help because it could be nerve related and I’m under the neurologist and the neurologist hasn’t got back to me yet with results. I really don’t want to be a grump on my holidays. Anyone got any ideas on how to relieve the pain without medical intervention. I have tried ibuprofen and paracetamol and cool towels but still suffering…

Magnesium can ease problems with spasm,cramp and restless legs and might be worth trying, as it is a beneficial mineral and available over the counter.

My guess is that your GP is rather a young one and a little unsure of him/herself. A more confident hand might have reached for the prescription pad, having decided that that helping the patient in front of him/her was more important than being a good little GP boy/girl by observing strict protocol over-zealously. Ah well. If you’ve got one of those ones, there’s probably no use arguing about it.

You might consider investing in cold packs/clothing to help keep you cool in hot places.


I would be inclined to email your neurologists secretary and explain your situation.

I have been very fortunate with my neurologist’s secretary and she is very good at passing on messages. The last time I had cause to email her I was called in sooner than expected for another consultation.

A good secretary is worth her weight in gold. This one got a nice box of chocolates for her kindness and efficiency but she has just left.

However, it is certainly worth a try and also keep a diary of your falls and if you get any nasty bruises then photograph them on your mobile.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes

Grandma x

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Thanks whammel. I’ll try magnesium. My diet isn’t great at the moment so it could well make the difference.

Hi Alison

You are spot on. My GP is lovely, she does listen to my moans and gripes and is the person who referred me to the neurologist in the first place, but she’s newly qualified so she may well be reluctant to break protocol right enough.

I’ve bought some cooling gel, ordered “cooling socks” and will get some ice packs for the freezer when I get there. I have visions of sleeping on the poolside with my legs in the pool at the moment.

I’m going to call the neuro secretary and explain what is happening, so hopefully that will help.

Thanks for your advice.


I’ll give the neuro secretary a call, Grandma. I don’t have an email address for her but the last time I called to ask about an appointment, she was very helpful.

I need to toughen up, I hate bothering them because I know they are all so busy.

thanks for your help