A bit of a struggle

I’m not sure where else to talk about this and since i’m ‘possibly ms’ thought I might get some reassurance from kind people on here.

Its been a while since I posted on here as I’ve tried to ‘get on’ and not use the internet to look up symptoms and ponder if I do or dont have ms as people say it can be unhelpful. The neurologist is saying ‘functional disorder’ and I’ve tried my best with that, but the neuropsychologist, my gp and my family dont agree.

So while i’m trying my best to be as positive as I can be, and I feel i’ve been doing extremely well I cant help but get upset about not being able to exercies properly, putting on weight as a result, having had to drop to part time at work and now deal with the loss of income, but now I seem to be suffering with back spasms as regularly as once a week and I type this in bed waiting for the cocodamol to kick in so maybe I can get some relief from this back pain from the latest back spasm.

Does anyone have any advice on back spasms, I am just taking painkillers in the aftermath of them , this is the 4th time in as many weeks and it SO annoying when I’m trying to get on and ignore my symptoms.

So sorry to complain I know people are far worse off than me xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sorry you’re finding it tough :frowning:

(And don’t be daft about complaining! We don’t mind!)

Since your GP is being understanding, why not go and see him/her about these spasms? Some GPs are reluctant to prescribe meds without a neuro’s approval, but they CAN. Baclofen is the standard med for spasms - why not ask to try it? Also ask to see a neurophysio - they might be able to help you too. It is not necessary to have a diagnosis to get help for symptoms. If you need help, you need help!

Good luck.

Karen x