New person looking for advice

First, sorry about the spelling.

Hi, Male 43 living in happy Hull.

So the story of it all. I was getting restless leg symypdrom and numbness in the soles of my feet and hands. I went to the doc’s who stabbed my legs with pins to find out i couldnt feel it. I then went to a physio, who then sent me for my first MRI. This came back with leasions. This then sent me to neurogist, who has sent me for a lumbar puncture and a high contrast MRI.

I have another appointment with my neurogist soon. But the letter and results all point to MS.

My first questions:
I’m getting pains in my right shoulder and arm. I went to the docs and he said this is a MS relapse. Ok fine. But how long do these pains last? then what meds are best to stop the pain? I have been given codiene, but that is doing bugger all.

2nd questions:
So if it is MS, everything is pointing that way.
What benifits can i claim?
then how easy is it to claim them?

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Hi Shaun. Im new here too. I also suffer with RLS for years. I find magnesium helps A LOT. As far as benefits go, if youre unable at all (or only a few hours) you can get universal credit with extra for being unable tomwork due to health. You can also apply for PIP. Which will help financially. You would need an assessment but with a diagnosis you should have no problems getting some help financially…hope this helps!

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Hi Jazz,

Thank you for your reply. So for the restless leg and twitches/spasm’s i have, the neurogist gave me Gabapentin, he said they will also help the pain that comes with MS. Reading the instruction of Gabapentin it is for epilepsy and fits.
They really do help with the twitches and RLS and they have decreased, but are still there, it’s just sorting out the right amount of tablets to stop it.

It’s the MS Relapse’s the doctor called it that are driving me nuts. The pain in my arm at present. I cant lift my arm out straight past my shoulder. Pouring the kettle is hard work. I’m hoping the neurologist on my next appointment next week can give me something for it, or carm it down a bit. Then hopefully he will give me the full diagnosis of what is up with me. If it is MS, i can start the process of PIP. I’m not giving up my day job, i will just fight through the issues i get. But any extra money from PIP is always handy.
Thank you again for your reply

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Youre welcome. I hear you re the pain. I had 4 weeks of severe cramps that were the weirdest pain. Luckily all my jobs are 4 hours a day max so im getting time to rest. I think the key is not to overdo it and be gentle with yourself. Definitely apply for pip. Its worrying enough without worrying about money, too. When is your scan?

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I have had 2 MRI scans, both showing the lesions and inflammations.
The last letter i had said every test i have had “is supportive of MS”.
So now it wait till next tuesday for my neologist appointment to see what he says. To be honest i dont care if it is MS, i will be more happy that i have a answer for everything, as thats what drive you nuts a bit. Not knowing what is wrong with you. If i know what it is, i can work out if i need to change my diet, change my life style, take tablets etc. I’ve upped my Gabapentin tablets, and the arm pain is going. But then is it because of the tablet, or does it just go after a while. Does the relapses only last a few weeks or do they last longer sometimes. I really should write down a list of questions for the appointment.

Where are you on the diagnosis side of things?
Have you send a neurologist yet?

I totally agree. Im so convinced now that i wont be shocked but more relieved. I had hand tremors 3 years ago and ever since ive had this voice in my head saying its ms (not in a crazy way lol) i havent had a brain scan yet but im waiting to see a neurologist so hopefully I’ll have some answers soon. Good luck with your appointment.

Hi buddy hope you are well … im from driffeld 47 male … i had similar with weekness arm and leg one sided …tbh iv been taking gabapentin for RLS .for 10 years may have to up the dose talk to your doctor … or nuro . hope you findout wots going on from your nuro. And get some answers. Any back pain ? Neck pain ?? I had transverse myelitis witch has left me . Broken tbh .myn started in my arms legs .