Spasticity clinic

hi all

im finally being seen by the spasticity clinic next week and just wondered what to expect. I have severe spasticity in my and can’t lie flat. Hoping for positive stories


Hi I have spasticity in both legs,severe in right leg.Found botox injections worked very well for a number of years but now not so good. I am going to be assessed at my local hosp to look at a baclofen pump.This is going to be in the new year fingers crossed. Hope of some help to you Boojumxxxx

When I saw the spasticity consultant to get onto Sativex it was a simple meeting.

She went through the different meds I had tried, (take a prescription or notes of ALL meds old & new), she asked how the MS effected me.

After a chat she told me about possible options to help with spasticity, which included Sativex, Baco pump, Botox.

She thought that a Baco pump & botox was for future, so we went with Sativex, she also set me up for Fes, which after trying I decided to give it a miss.

Good luck.