Spasticity & Botox

Hi all - can I ask about anyone’s experiences of botox injections into leg muscles for spasticity? I have had this for a long time, where my calf muscles are tightly bunched but on the side rather than the back and this year got to see a neuro physio. She gave me a programme of stretches etc to do and then referred me for an assessment for suitability for botox. I had the injection (just 30ml, a low dose apparently) yesterday. For the past 24 hours the pain has been worse than ever, and the muscle tighter!

For anyone who’s had botox, did it help? Feeling a bit down about it. Can’t take any more baclofen as it may weaken other muscles too much.

Thanks if anyone can help

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Hi, yes, I’ve got really bad spasticity in my legs. I can’t bend my knees very much at all when I walk, even though they bend fine when sitting or cycling. I had botox in my thighs and calves in February and it was amazing from day 2,but wore off after 3 weeks. Had it again in June with a bigger dose, totally nothing happened, I was gutted. I was even checked for antibodies to the botox but it was all normal. 10 days ago 3rd attempt and switch to Dysport. After 5 days it felt a bit better, and I’ve noticed I’ve been waking up less as I can bend my legs in my sleep… So for me it’s been quite underwhelming but a bit helpful. The first one was amazing though. I remember I walked slowly across the kitchen with a cup of tea!! But sadly it went. You do have to wait days usually for it to get working. I think they say 2 weeks. Don’t look online, those are the times for cosmetic botox to work! Good luck!

Sorry, nearly forgot. The first two times it was my thighs and calves that were injected, but I’ve been stretching my calves like crazy. (bottom step, and dropping heels). My calf muscles hurt from the stretching, but amazingly he said this time he couldn’t detect any spasticity in my calves at all! Also the injections do hurt, mainly afterwards, just try gentle stretches, and be prepared to wait days… It’s normal for it not to be working yet.

Thankyou Anna … I’ll be patient!

Well let me know how you get on. I’ll cross my fingers for you!