I had botox injections in leg on Friday

Hi, I had botox injections on friday. 1 in the rectus femoris muscle(quads) and 2 in the calf muscles. No evidence of anything happening yet after 2 days. The consultant said 2 days but I have read that it can take up to 2 weeks for total efect.

I am waiting patiently but spasticity is still there.

Moyna xxx

Hi Moyna. Tell me all about your spasticity. How has it affected you etc? Spasticity and painful muscle spasms have been my worst symptoms by far, with bladder hesitancy, to a lesser extent. I was diagnosed in June (although, apparently, I’ve had MS a lot of years, without knowing it. I’ve been an endurance athlete for years and was very fit and conditioned. I’ve been training for all these years, without symptoms, until June this year. Then BOOM! initially thought I had suffered a TIA, but was very soon after diagnosed with RR MS. x

I’ve had botox cosmetically and was told it starts taking effect within 3-5 days and would take up to 2 weeks for full effect which was accurate. Not sure if it would be the same in your leg though.

Hi Traceyann,

I dont have an MS dx although it was on the cards for a while. I may have delayed radiation myleopathy or have had transverse myelitis or something like that. Anyway once spastcity started it has progressed quite a lot. There is some weakness but it is hard to tell which is weakness and which is spasticity.

I have problems dorsoflexing my foot and bending my knee. Spastic drop foot so I cant walk well at all now. Left leg is fine. I have no painful spasms just plain stiffness. Baclofen does not really help me much. It is also putting me off balance quit a bit . Moyna xxx

Traceyann. Like you - l was a very fit person - l competed in Endurance Riding - long distances - 40mile cross-country. So it was a bolt out of the blue - or BOOM as you put it to be disabled like this. My friends and family thought l had had a ‘stroke’. l lost the use of my left leg/arm and side of my face - speech slurred etc. My face and speech did improve but my left leg/dropped foot is still the same. lts 31yrs ago now. Lost all control of bladder and had a SPC fitted 18yrs ago - which has made a big difference to my lifestyle.

Exercise is important - and as you were so fit prior to MS - this will help you. So do keep the fitness regime up. lf you don’t use it - you will lose it is very true. l take a high dose vitd3/magnesium and B12 to help with spasticity/muscle-spasm and also Sativex - which l use at night to help with pain relief. Stretching exercises help - the yoga/pilates type. Tai chi is also good to improve balance.

Moyna, Hope your botox is successful soon.

Moyna- Thanks for your reply, that’s interesting. Baclofen did not work for me either. It was a complete waste of time. I am now on Terfenidine Hydrochloride which is working much better. Try to exercise as best you can and make a real effort to incorporate some stretching into your routine as well. Best of luck!

Hi Spacejacket. Thanks for your comments. No, I will never give up on exercise, fitness or diet. It’s more important than ever now’. Yes, I’m also including those vitamins and supplements in my diet too. Keep happy and healthy! Tracyann x

Hi Moyna, I had botox for pain in soles of my feet…caused by them sort of curling under .is this clonus?

I had 8 injections in each leg, as they said they dont inject feet…oh it was sooo painful and as the needles went in deep. I actually asked for a rest. The jabs in the knee are were worse.

I got not one jot of pain relief…at all! It made no difference to the problem in my feet.

A friend of mine, who has hereditary spastic paraparesis (like me), is still able to walk, but spasticity is really bad. She`s tried FES and couldnt get on with it. Shes been taking baclofen for years. Then she was having botox in her legs, which did help a bit.

She was interested in having a baclofen pump put into her back. She went into hospital for tests, they put baclofen into her spine and they first tried 25mg, with no result. Then with 50mg and it worked well. Her walking was much improved.

So now she is waiting for the operation to fit the pump.

Have you thought about that at all?