Botox and legs

Hi I wonder if anybody is or has had a similar experience. I have had ms 20 yrs and have many problems. For many years I have been treated with botox for leg spasms and needed the treatment repeated every 6 months like clockwork. The previous cycle lasted 18 months before it needed repeating and this current cycle is 14 months and still spasm is not an issue. Some muscle tone has returned to quads and calves and for the first time in a long time I can stand and if someone is holding onto me take a few steps. This is major for me but for some reason scary as i don’t know what’s happening some days I really think the spasm is returning as legs get tight then the next day it’s gone again. Has anybody out there had a similar experience or got any ideas on where this could be going? Thanks


I haven’t any experience of Botox and but realise Botox may be a path I have to take in the future. I’m really replying as this topic is now off the first page.

I guess your nerves are repairing somewhat - good news - I hope so! Nevertheless it does bring uncertaintity when you got used to dealing with the a certain problem wth spasms. So, I think, no wonder it’s a bit scary|

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