Anyone Tried Botox for Spasticity

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I am new here and was wondering if anyone has tried botox in their calf muscles to improve gait. I tried the walkaid but it only lifted my foot up the same amout that I could lift it myself. The neurophysio thought then that strength in my peroneal nerve was OK but my calf was so tight which was the reason why I couldnt flex my foot properly. She recommended botox. Any one tried that?

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Hi, I tried it for pain in my feet…had 8 injections in each leg (doc said they dont inject feet). It was really painful and did naff all for the pain.

I have a friend with Spastic paraplegia and she has botox injections in the back of her knees every 3 months. She says it helps a lot.

Different for everyone as usual i guess.

Good luck if you do go for it.

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Thanks for your comment. it is spastic paraplegia in right leg that I have got. I had heard botox was good. My neuro said he wont give it to me until Im really bad.

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Moyna - Whilst waiting for your neuro to decide whether you are able to have the botox injections - why not find someone who does sport injury massage - they can help improve your muscle tone and flexibility. You might even find a college near you that teaches sports therapy - they are always keen to get people go along for treatment - and might not charge you. l went to one near me - for some time- and they showed a lot of interest in my MS and helped improve my ‘gait’.


Thanks I did go last year but it was expensive £25 for half an hour. I bought an electrical massager but it just tended to send muscle into spasm. Am on baclofen to but muscle still always active.

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I had botox in my calf a couple of months ago. I couldn’t straighten out my toes or knee before the botox but since then there has been a great improvement, I can straighten both now so it’s really worked for me. It was one dose of botox split into four injections one after the other, it did hurt because my muscle was so tight, but it was seconds of pain. I bent the needle the muscle was so tight, quite proud of myself !

I won’t need to have that particular muscle botoxed again and they say it should encourage the other muscles to behave. It has been a lot better and I’m really pleased I had it done.I was seen by the multi-disaplinary re-hab team who were great, nothing was too much for them and they explained it all very well.

You should have a consultation with them first anyway, which should set your mind at rest if you’re concerned. Good luck.

Thanks I think that I will need to push them. I reackon it is all down to money!

Hi. I am new on here, tend to bury my head in sand with everything related to my ms! After hassling my doctor a lot and spending the last 2 years taking baclofen (which did nothing to help) I have finally got an app to see botox doc next Monday. I am very excited about this, have talked myself into believing that this will be the answer to all my stiff calf problems. Has anyone got any advice for me? I am hoping that I will be able to bend my legs after botox, my toes will stop clenching, and my walking will improve so I don’t have to use my crutch as much. Am I crazy??? Elizabeth

Hope all goes well Elizabeth for monday. lts certainly worth trying the botox. The stiffness and muscle spasms make it so difficult to walk. My GP prescribes me Sativex - which has been effective. Bacoflen just left me so weak and feeble - physically and mentally.

Let us know how you get on.


Hi, I still have not managed to get the botox. He says because quads and calf on right leg are involved. I tried to explain that if my quad was done only then I feel I could walk better. The physio thinks it would work for me and I just want to try. I would like to try sativex too but cant get that either. Bacolfen and tizanidine do not work for me.

Hope that you have success Elizabeth

Moyna x

thank you both

i had to practically force doc and ms nurses to do something. my sister saw about botox on internet and it was only because we mentioned it that it was ever discussed. i do feel that the doc and nurses wish you would just keep quiet and slowly accept it when you get worse. i am there worst nightmare, i go on and on at them!

You need to keep pushing for botox in your calves, i dont understand why he has not tried it already.

Do you feel we know more than them???

Definately. I have just had to request test for lupus as I saw on internet that someone with an unexplained myleopathy (me) should be tested for Lupus. I have other symptoms of lupus and it is in my family.

i have just been looking at Lupus and it looks very difficult to see if you have it or not. what do they do if it is that?

Does anyone know if the doc will give me botox at my first app next week or if he will make me wait? the question is, do i need to take a box of chocs to bribe him with!!!

You will probably be asked to try baclofen or tizanidine first. - cheaper!

Done both those cheap tablets over last 3 years. They did nothing and the doc finally agreed. I really am there worst nightmare!!!

They dont help me either. Please let me know if you have sucess with the botox.


Moyna x


i have got appointment for botox injections on 11th march, i will be having injections in calves, behind knees and toes to stop them clenching so much. i cannot wait and am counting down the days!

has anyone who has had it before noticed if it helps with lifting your foot up when walking?

I have started taking a bit of baclofen again to get me through the next 5 weeks, however i am not sure this was such a good idea as everyday one of my legs feels like it might give way when i put weight on it when walking. has anyone else had this?

thank you all



I have botox injections for my right foot & Calf, I have 4 in the between the toe one on the bottom of my foot in the instep area (that’s quite painful) and two in my calf. It certainly helps with the Dystonia in my foot.

I also have three around my eye as I have the same problem there. (Blespharospam)

I wouldn’t say it is the complete answer but is better than before, I also take Tiznadine to help relax the spasms and cramps. I may well soon be starting Baclofen.

When the consultant looked at my eye he did the injections imediatley. A neurologist assessed me as an overall consultation and he suggested Botox in my foot and leg, I had to wait for a new appointment for it. But there was no issue over cost from either consultant. I have the injections repeated every 8 weeks.

Best of Luck


botox works great has anyone taken ocrevus