Hi,I’m on a waiting list for Botox in my leg to hopefully stop my toes curling under and my knee going into spasm which makes staying upright a tad difficult,as I’m sure some of you know!

I’m wondering if anyone else has had this and if so did it help? I know people who’ve had Botox in their bladder but not for the problems I have.Any advice or information would be great,thanks,xxjo


Ive not had experience of this problem but as Botox deadens the nerve causing the problems it should help tremendously.

I hope you can then walk without the dreadful trouble you have at the mo.

Best wishes



Thanks Bren,I should’ve asked some questions at the appt.,but I was a bit flumoxed by it all!,xxjo

Hi just looking at the old comments regarding botox. I suffer constantly with muscle stiffness these days in my left leg, lower back and a bit in my right leg - which makes walking difficult and I do tend to get inflamed quite easily which makes me prone to falls. My MS physio has got me referred to London Spasticity centre for the possibility of botox treatment - my appointment is not until November this year. Just wondered if anyone has received this treatment and if it helped. I am looking at an Alinker on Saturday which I am quite excited about - I just hope this muscle stiffness does not stop me from being able to use it as I am doing minimal exercise at the moment which is very frustrating. Has anyone had any experience using one of them - I know they were mainly based in Canada / USA but I have found a distributor based near Brighton and am meeting her to try it out before I buy as its not cheap.