Baclofen pump amazing

Hello everyone, I just thought I would let everyone know that I’ve had a Baclofen Pump fitted to control my spasticity and it’s amazing. Its completely stopped all the spasms and pain and I have become flexible again, I’ve gone from being as stiff as a board to really floppy and it’s totally changed my life,I’ve lost all the tone in my legs and I can bend everywhere again,to begin with it made my legs very weak but I’m now in week 3 and getting stronger every day and due to Physio I’m back to weight bearing and transferring on my rotunda. I would recommend it to anyone who is suffering with spasticity, Kim :smiley:

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Sounds very interesting as I suffer very badly from spasticity, but what is it exactlyt?

prisoner wrote:

Sounds very interesting as I suffer very badly from spasticity, but what is it exactlyt?

[a=200][/size HI Prisoner. If i remember it is a small round disc under your skin on your abdomin with a small fibre cable running in to your spine,this means that the baclofen is released in to your spine right away,to top the pump up it is just an injection into the pump once in a while. I was ment to get this, but sufer from blood clots so in the end they decided not to do it. I hope this helps a little bit, and if any one else can top up what i say even better. Take Care, Chris

Hi Jacquie, Yes aren’t they ab fab,what a huge difference being able to bend once again and no more painful spasms!! How long have u had yours for and have u managed to build up any strength in your legs? Are u able to weight bare and transfer & what dosage r u on? I’m on 50micrograms and a bit weak so my surgeon is going to decrease to 40 or 45 so I can stand on my rotunda, I hope ur finding your daily routine a lot easier like I am, Love Kim xxx

Hi Prisoner, Yes Chris has described it very well and it has totally transformed my life,like Jacquie says,contact your ms nurse and she will point u in the right direction,good luck and u won’t regret it! Kim xxx

Hello kimi

Well tomorrow i go into hospital for my trial to see if the pump is suitable. I took baclofen for ages when i was working and hadno problems but now, it makes me dopey and drowsy! Id best introduce myself. Im Linda and i was RR for 12 years, but now, i think good while since i relapsed, 9 years, so I think now SP. but for 20 odd years, I’ve done well i think! I’ve wheelchair scooter for getting about but,to be honest, my legs have packed up at the moment so weight bearing is all and that can be touch and go!! Ive been reading the Forum for ages but shamefully havent introduced mysetlf.

Well did everything for the trial, but it just wouldnt take, so after 4 jabs in my hand and fitting the thing that theyd be able to attach fluids etc., so next came the needle in my back to inject the Baclofen but surprisingly, the injection wouldnt go into the proper place in my spinal cord in my back so untortunately itll have to be via the x-ray,so a couple of weeks when she comes back from a holiday. Then we can do it again, physio and my Doctor say it should work for me. So watch this space guys!.

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That’s a great shame Linda, a real disappointment.

You’ll have to keep us updated on how it goes.


Baclofen pump-trial.

Thanks Sue, i certainly shall.

Hi guys,

I’ve been searching for baclofen pump information and im pleased to hear positive experiences some of you have had.

Just wondering if anyone could share any updates on how things have been, and if there are any more people have new pumps fitted recently and if it helped their situation?

After watching this video by Dr Aaron Boster, my view is very positive and it sounds like a perfect solution for me. - YouTube

My assessment is a few months away, but id love to know how you guys are getting on with the pump and if its improved the situation.

Thank you :slight_smile: