Spasms in weird places

Hi there folks

I have spasms and jerks while lying in bed at night and have noticed recently that as well as arms, shoulders, and legs it can also be my neck and my tummy that go into spasm. Very weird!

I wonder how common it is to have these spasms throughout the body.

Wendy x

Hi Wendy,

I often get spasms in my stomach, neck basically everywhere, my head does a No No nod, my arms and legs fly out whenever they feel like it. I take clonazepam at night and Keppra which has helped no end. At one point before I went onto these drugs I had these jerks so much I just could not get to sleep and used to keep poor hubby awake as well. I’m sure loads of us get them. Have a word with your ms nurse, if you have one or speak to your gp. Hope this helps. You’re not alone.



Hi I get spasms in my stomach and they can be very painful, I also kick my husband regularly at night I have been known to smack him with my arm as well, I’ve tried different drugs but I haven’t found them to work, I now use endless amounts of lavender oil which I find helps but my husband hates the smell of it and says he would rather get kicked Jane x

I often wonder if it’s my imagination , obvisously it’s not just me, thanks for your reply Janet.

Wendy x

That lavender oil sounds like a good idea Jane. I’ll look into it, maybe put it on my Christmas list.

Wendy x

Hi, are you on any meds for spasms? Baclofen helps me. But not 100%. I take 30mg at night and get around 80% relief from night time spasms. Mine occur mostly in my feet.

luv Pollx