back spasms


i’m really suffering awful back spasms at the moment.

never had them in my back before, just legs.

any idea what i can do about them.

i havent phoned my ms nurse because they are so very busy therefore i’d like to find something i can do to relieve it.

damn i thought i’d got to know my ms but it keeps on throwing .something else at me.

the only muscle relaxants i have are diazepam which i don’t like using too often.

i’ll have one at bed time.

sorry for being such a wuss.

I get back spasms. When I stand up, my back has a bit of a spasm pretty much every time. Then when I wake up spasms start from my feet and move all the way up my back and into my arms. I consider that to be the effect of all my drugs wearing off (sometimes I take Baclofen in the middle of the night and that helps a bit.)

I take Baclofen throughout the day and Cloneazepam in the evenings. Both help.

Diazepam would do the job, but of course you don’t want to be spaced out all day!! That’s the trouble with all muscle relaxants. They can make you a bit too relaxed. And you don’t want to appear like you’re pished in the mornings!


i know sue.

that’s why i don’t take them during the day.

if i want to look pished i have a gin!!

always look for a silver lining.

still in spasm so i’ll take a diazepam after i’ve cooked our tea.

spaced out cwc with hot pans is dangerous.

i don’t take baclofen because it works so well that i can’t get down the stairs!

the only time i took them i came down on my bum the morning after.

so i’ll have tea, then a gin with my meds (silver linings again) then go to my pit and take a diazepam only water allowed in bed.

hope you are well, and hope you have some gin.

mr cwc noticed somebody had had some of his vodka so i had to confess that i had a tiny measure in my harvey wallbanger.

he was going to blame our jack.

going to have to put the fear of witchcaft in him.

hope there’s something good on telly tonight.


For goodness’ sake Carole!

It’s very kind of you to spare your MS Nurse the trouble but it would be a good idea to give him/her a ring on Monday morning. That’s what they are there for.

In the meantime I’ll prescribe one large gin and tonic per day until then.


P.S. I’m a Dantrium man myself, but always in moderation.


Ooer Carole, that’s told you. Dr Durer is on the case.

So that’s you (removed by moderator). / sorted!!


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thank you anthony for the gentle prod to do what i know i should have done.

maybe she’ll write to my GP with a suggestion for new meds.

i found some potato cakes in the cupboard so had 2 of them, with a cheese butty and an apple.

all that so that i could take my tecfidera.

i actually enjoyed the apple, they keep the doctor away y’know.

sue - were you using bad words?

ffffffflippin eck behave yourself!


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Oops. Sorry. I did swear. Just a bit, with a few asterisks. Won’t do it again!!


That’s how it starts.

You think you can handle a few asterisks and then you’re onto the dieresis and before you know it you’re doing the hard stuff with diphthongs, ampersands and pilcrows.

Just say no.

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Thanks for the entertainment people!

But all I said was *#&+%>!! Still, I have learned my lesson and from now on will only marginally swear when the mods are on holiday (Xmas next year anyone?)


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And I don’t know what ‘diphthongs, ampersands and pilcrows’ are.

They’d given up teaching that sort of stuff when I went,to school. Or I was playing truant that day! (More likely.)


Dipthongs. Dip dyed underwear? Ampersands. Cambersands Sussex misspelled? Ditto Pilcrows. Pillows? Now have i wandered into the Brain Fog thread??

anthony - you bandy these words about like a real professor.

so i looked them up and they really are real words!

diaresis is like the german umlaut (we’ve discussed this before on the brain fog thread)

ampersand is just the symbol " &"

the others are rubbish, real but rubbish.

that’s my will to learn satisfied for this year.

i’ll be tucked up in the brain fog where brains are only used to light up an MRI.

with my gin which i have only just poured,


Brain Fog and its Foggies chase you all about the place. Nowhere is safe. The Fog will get you.