Muscle Spasms


I am suffering from the most horrendous pain in my neck, which travelling down my shoulders and arms. Went to doc who said it was severe muscle spasms and have me very mild prescription of diazepam, which is helping a little bit still haven’t slept for 3 nights now. I know is is common for us MS’ers, any suggestions would be very very welcome!! Thanks! Amy



Baclofen, but stay way from red wine, or evn large classes of white.

I get it in legs and feet, at night. On occasions it has been bad enough that my screaming has woken my wife.


I agree, Baclofen is the best drug for spasms. But the diazepam should be helping a bit. I know it’s not related to nerve pain, but have you thought about little things like your pillows? Too hard or too soft (depending on how you sleep) can cause problems with posture which could have a contributory effect on how tight your muscles are. Or try a cold pack on your neck / shoulders? Sometimes we head straight for the drug cupboard when other things can help.


Hi Do you take magnesium? I find it really helps with muscle spasms also cannabis is brillant for pain and muscle spasms.

Thanks so much for your replies, went to out of hours doc yesterday, as just couldn’t bear it anymore and he has prescribed Baclofen, so hopefully this will help. Also gone with your suggestion as well Simone2!

I find Baclofen is brilliant for me but I also agree about sleeping positions and pillow arrangements. I had always been a side sleeper but now I can only sleep on my back with a very specific arrangement of pillows that keeps me in a very specific position else I get awful neck and shoulder pain. I am not belittling your pain which sounds worse than I get, but anything is worth a try. Good luck.


I get the spasms too. Agony.

I take Baclofen and Magnesium which really help.

Hope yours eases soon.

Shazzie xx

I had carpal tunnel surgery last year, but prior to the op, tried acupuncture. Also massage. Muscle spasms can also be a build up of toxins so avoid potassium - red wine!

I used to take cocodal because that took the edge off, and make me sleep!