Spasming oesophagus

I keep getting this weird pain in my upper chest and back that also at it’s worst goes up in to my throat. I asked my doc about it and he mentioned spasming oesophagus (OS from now on). My neuro said it probably wasn’t when I told him Paracetamol helped the pain. Neither offered any help. Has anyone on here had OS with MS and how did it affect you. I am at a lose to know what the pain is. It only lasts maybe half an hr usually but isn’t very pleasant.


this is not the same as u describe (no pain) but i get something similar.

feels like my throat is closing and opening again. it hard to get breath and i cant speak during the spasms.

it looks like choking to others and is scary to watch! no picnic to me happening either! my family and friends know ‘the code’! thumb up-theres food in there and i am choking. thumb down is spasms and dont hit me on the back.

i get arms back-or get them pulled back-then relax neck. sounds easy but its far from it! panicking only makes it worse-as i quickly learnt! it l lasts 2 mins at height (bright red face and struggling for breath) 15 ish mins in total

speech therapist helped me with all this. maybe worth asking?


Cheers Ellie. Having read up on it that sounds like a more typical SO, usually when swallowing. My pain just comes on randomly, it’s like a dull throb bing pain in my upper chest and back. I can cope with it compared to other things it would just be nice to know exactly what is causing it, will have to go back to the doctors.

I get spasms in osophogus witch travel from chest up to mouth not to painful but uncomfortable also have trouble swallowing when muscles in throat spasm