Swallowing problems pain any help please?

Hi, I have rrms. I get a feeling that something is stuck in my throat. Also been getting a stabbing pain in the middle of my chest. I have also had two attacks, it is hard to describe i get pain in my chest and back. I have seen the nurse Who says it might be my ms causing swallowing problems, also that the food is getting caught. The attacks I get are painful ??? Just wondered if anyone has experienced this ?? Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Probably the MS Hug, see MS hug or girdle effect Why does MS cause the hug or girdle effect? This is a spasm-type symptom that is one of the more unusual effects of MS. Between each of our ribs are tiny muscles called intercostal muscles. These hold the ribs in place but provide flexibility at the same time. If these muscles go into spasm, the result can be uncomfortable or painful. This is sometimes referred to as ‘banding’. Effects People with this symptom of MS describe a burning or tight sensation which spreads around the rib cage, causing a crushing feeling that can range from uncomfortable to very painful. Sometimes it is accompanied by pins and needles. Most commonly felt around the ribs, occasionally the effect is experienced in the hands or feet. Treatments Individuals with MS who experience the hug or girdle effect do not always have the same degree of intensity of pain. For some, it is no more than an uncomfortable feeling, which passes without the need for any treatment. Others, however, need pain relief to deal with the spasm. Analgesic cream, warmth and painkillers are all used to provide relief. Your medical professional will discuss how best to manage your pain and will bear in mind any other drugs you are taking George

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I have trouble swallowing from time to time can be for a few seconds or in the middle of a meal quite a while with a chocked feeling nothing moves very uncomfortable

I have had the camera down witch discoverd stomac ulcers then barium swallow witch showed some irregularities so they are blaming it on nerve damage = ms .

Funny I’m experiencing alot of catarrh problems at the moment and I guess its all linked with my MS - phlegm in morning making me retch etc…occasionally have a mild choking swallowing difficulty as well.

I think I get the same pain you get in you chest and back, it is a difficult explain. My neurologist didn’t know what it was and neither did my doctor. They mentioned spasming oesophagus but I don’t think it is that as it doesn’t happen to me after eating. It’s not ms hug I have had that and that is a different pain. I tend to get it when I have over done things a bit. The pain even radiates up my neck. I find taking just a couple of paracetamol helps. It never lasts for more than 2 hours. It’s very strange. Does that sound like what you mean. I would love to know what it is as I have been getting it on and off for years.

I’ve had similar symptoms, acid reflux and feeling of something being stuck in my throat.

I saw a gastroenterologist during the week. He’s going to do a gastroscopy at the beginning of next month. He suggested I take omeprazole - but every day, not on an ‘as and when’ thing. It helps a little bit but my throat still feels sore from it.

My attacks are painful, too. I had one today. I too, get severe muscle spasms in my back plus what I call nerve pain–burning and stabbing pain. I had trouble swallowing. My doc just tested my ANA–it came back positive so I’m off to the Rheumatologist to see is I have a a secondary autoimmune disorder. Don’t know if this is MS or the other disorder.

Have you had your ANA tested lately?

Yes I have two coeliac and underactive thyroid. Kay