New throat problem

Last night I had a new problem
It is difficult to describe.
I had a feeling of pins and needles / buzzing down my throat, from the back of my tongue.
It felt horrible.
I think it was down my oesophegus.
Has anyone had this?
To be quite honest it scared me.
Have a good day all

Now I haven’t had that, but I do get a tightness in my throat which affects me swallowing and breathing, my physio thinks this is related to spasticity and has provide me with a pillow that keeps my head slightly higher when I sleep, I also get this in my oesophegus which affects my breathing, and yes it is scary, take good care, Jean x

Yes, Ive had that too. Mine went down to my stomach. I was prescribed Buscopan to stop spasm. Apparently it was a throat/gastric spasm. You could ask for a swollowing test if it does affect eating and swallowing. I saw speech therapist who was very helpful and got meds. Now I can deal with it myself but it aint nice.

You are not alone.

Take care,

Thank you all for your unwaivering support and kindness.
I have had a few troat issues today but not as bad as last night.
I have a neuro appt on SUNDAY so its do I tell him v do I sound like a hypochondriac