Sorry for myself

I’ve had MS for 30 years now. I was diagnosed with dementia a few years ago. I’m 65 now but I was retired off at 56. My wife is my carer and works from home.

I’m depressed. I spend my time on my iPad and watching TV. My wife prepares all my, and her, meals. I can’t speak properly anymore. I keep forgetting words so I tend to avoid discussion.
I’m bored!

I’m so sorry you are having such a difficult time. My partner has had MS for about 25 years, and he gets bored too. I guess I’m the carer, like your wife, and do all the meals etc. we are 65 and 67. It is especially hard for us now because the summer my partner is more tired and that affects everything more, speech, memory, fatigue etc. it’s hard to keep my mind active too, and to find times when we can be partners, and not carer and cared for. The best times for us, is if there is something on the tv or radio, that we can enjoy together, or a joke or memory we understand, that no one else would! He is in a hospital bed, but I sneak in for a regular cuddle, we both like that. The trouble with MS is that there is a lot to be depressed about, and bored with! But might it help to find nice moments together?

Sorry to hear that.

Watching TV can get rather boring. I also find I eat more junk when I veg in front of the TV. I tend to play computer games and TV to occupy most of my time. Gives my mind and hands something to do. Doesn’t need to be something like all the young kids are playing that require quick reflexes. Plenty of more, relaxing, games out there.

More of a PC/Console gamer myself only thing I have on mobile is Sudoku so I can’t make any suggestions. Mobile full of Ads and inapp purchases which I detest so much I gave up looking years ago. You might not be a picky as me though so may be worth a look? Some even have social aspects. Either playing against others or playing in a team against others.

Many thanks for your replies.
It’s good to hear that I am not the only one in my position.

Hello rolley.

Like you, I am a long term MSer…25 years.I’m 69. My hubby does most of the stuff around the house, plus I have carer calls twice a day for personal care.

Keep talking to us sweetheart.

Thanks for your reply.

I can sympathise with your feelings, I’m 66 and it’s so hard to sit back and watch my husband doing all the things I should be doing! I recently gave in and employed a personal carer to help me wash, dress, shower etc which takes some pressure away from him. We can’t do all the things we did together in the past but small things like watching tv/ movies, family time, walking - me wheeling mean so much. Best of luck for now and future

Thanks very much for your response Juls.