hi all

just wondering how everyone keeps occupied? im so bored its depressing me. i used to work full time as a shop manager but because of fatigue i went part time but because i had a lot of falls i havent worked for 18 months. im getting dla so feel like i shouldnt do anything in case they take it off me. part of me wishes i didnt get it!!

thanks chris

Hi, I know what you mean. Days at home in the winter months can drag.

I spend my time in light housework (very little actually), sewing, watching tv/films, resting and chatting on here. My days are short as I get up at 9am and am back in bed by 6 ish. Then it`s more telly!

What about joining your local MS group? They could have ideas to fill your time.

luv Pollx

Hi Chris and a big welcome to the ppms board!

How do I fill my days? Well it depends so much on how I’m feeling. If it’s a bad fatigue day then I usually spend the day in bed. I refuse to watch any old cr*p on telly, so I go through Radio Times & see if there’s something worth watching… usually a film. I have a telly in my bedroom & also dvd, so I watch box sets as well… at the moment working my way through Rumpole of the Bailey.

I also find lots of good stuff on BBC Radio 4 and 4 Extra… plays and book readings and documentarys.

I always have a book on the go & also have a kindle… so can get exactly what I feel like reading in a few minutes online.

The days when I’m up and about varies. I go out on scooter and do bits of shopping or sometimes just ride around and stop for a coffee somewhere… or ride around the park.

I used to spend a lot of time on doing my family tree. That was great and very obsorbing & might get back to that sometime.

Really it’s a case of working out what you like doing best and how you can manage to still do it with your MS.

One point though Chris… DLA is given to assist you to do things. So you can get taxi’s or get someone to go to the pictures with you or whatever. It’s not given so that you have to spend all your time indoors and never doing anything. Remember lots of people on DLA still work… so they are going out everyday and working. The DLA is there to assist them doing that… SO don’t let the fact that you get DLA stop you from going out and doing stuff.

Hope this helps. I think the longer you are not working the easier it gets.

Pat x

thank you for your replies and ideas poll and pat i do seem to spend most of my time either doing housework or sitting down, reading and internet. i was thinking about voluntary work maybe in a hospital as i can still walk though i do use a stick now (more for balance),but then i thought if i can do that i shouldnt be getting dla but what you said is true pat i never thought about it like that. mind you i would prob get too tired anyway and need help myself lol. i do keep telling myself i could be a lot worse but when your feeling down it doesnt always help.

thanks again chris x

Hi again Chris, I think it’s much more of a problem if you’re on ESA or IB where they sort of expect you to be unable to do anything!

I think you need something that is flexible, so you don’t have to go if your MS is playing up. How about contacting the ‘friends of the hospital’ and see about being a hospital visitor?

I live in sheltered with lots of older people. Every couple of days I visit a 98 year old neighbour. She is a delight and we’ve become good friends. If I’m not well I just call her and let her know.

Maybe you have an older neighbour who you could visit? (one small warning though… not everyone wants to be visited!).

Anyway worth thinking about something you could do that doesn’t demand certain hours and certain days.

Or you could set yourself an eduction project. Learn everything you can about the impressionists painters… LOL… that sounds a bit challenging!!!

Pat x

hi pat, some good ideas might try an educational project though not sure about the impressionist painters lol

chris x

I volunteer for half a day in a charity shop. I love it. It helps me distinguish one day from another and I just love the interaction with the customers, and examining all the stock. If you let the manager know your difficulties they should be able to find you duties that will suit your abilities and energy levels.


I spend an awful lot of my time in front of my computer, welcometake care M

Hi Chris

What about learning a new language, or dare I say - a musical instrument?


learning a new language sounds like a good idea mark as i do have loads of time on my own. i’ll pass on the musical instrument dont think the neighbours would be too impressed lol.

me too m it drives me mad although i’d be even worse without my trusty laptop!

i have been thinking about doing a few hours in a charity shop, i’ve done shop work most of my life and really miss the banter with customers so might give it a go

thanks for all the good ideas

chris x