sore heels - possibly not planter facitis

Hi, I’ve had very sore heels for quite a long time now, this time it has been for 4 solid weeks - constantly. I’ve heard that may not be the planter faceitis but could be MS related. Does anyone anything about this? It is really sore. thanks everyone, Catherinex

It could be MS - a lot of MSers get painful feet (which can be helped by neuropathic painkillers). Your MS nurse should be able to advise.

Karen x

Hi Catherine. I wonder if your sore heels are the same as mine?

My carer, who sees me everyday and used to be a nurse, was concerned at the colour of my feet and especially my heels in a morning. Turns out they are pressure points and i am now worried they may break into pressure sores!

A district nurse came last week and said i am high risk for pressure sores. She had a pressure relief mattress delivered within a few days.

Tomorrow I am getting some gel heel protectors and cavilon cream, which is a barrier cream. The right heel is affected more than the left, due to left foot drop…one good thing about having something bad!

luv Pollx

Hi Catherine

I had really bad heel pain a couple of years ago. It turned out to be due to side effects of amitriptyline. I suspect it was because I was retaining a lot of fluid. Anyway once I stopped the amitriptyline, the pain disappeared and didn’t return.


Thank you all for your reply’s !

I’m going to ask my Doctor about it and maybe e-mail my nurse. It’s a nightmare , all these pains and having to guess wether they are MS related or not !

keep smiling everyone


Hi everyone !

I phoned my MS nurse yesterday as I can’t see my Doc until next Tuesday. The nurse reckons it is defo NOT MS related. So, I’m going to have to wait to see the Doc next week, in the meen time just take ibuprofen and hope for the best !!!

keep smiling !