Something to brighten the mood... they're really all not bad!

Hey all

I thought I’d post something positive and to lighten the mood. Most of you who’ve read or had me reply will know I work for the NHS and have had some difficulties with my neuro and am seeking a second opinion. It really made me for rather negative about the NHS and I guess question whether people are helping or at least helping enough.

Anyway one of the consultants who I work for knew about my first episodes of symptoms and it was him who recommended my first neuro who I haven’t got on well with. Anyway yesterday I explained everything that had happened and where I was at with my symptoms.

He was very shocked and very supportive and said he could see where I was coming from and perhaps the neuro was viewing me as a paranoid healthcare work/ little girl when that isn’t the best approach. He was very sweet and said he believed what I was telling him (he knows I’m a rational logical person) and he said he’d make phone calls or speak to however was required if I needed help. Though I haven’t taken him up on ringing (I’ve completely lost faith in my first neuro so I don’t want to go there) It was very nice of him. I’m hopefully going to with his help get a copy of my MRI and I can get the other tests myself so I’m ready for my second opinion.

So, there are some bad apples (maybe neuro’s in particular are worse) but they’re not all bad. After all how many consultant’s would take the time out to listen to a member of staff about ehir problems or offer to help?



There are definitely some good ones - nice to hear that you’ve got one in your camp :slight_smile:

I met a neuro from Ireland the other week. He told me that one of his patients told him that her daughter was having some sensory problems and that she was worried. Without a referral, he gave the daughter an appointment, clinical exam and MRI, just to reassure the mum. Nice! (The daughter was fine btw.)

Not sure I see that happening in the UK mind you!

Karen x

I agree that there are good and bad apples in every bunch!

It seems to me that neurology has been ‘bypassed’ by a lot of the reforms & campaigns that are carried out in the NHS - neurology seems to have been left to it’s own devices - it has a very ‘slaphazard’ feel to it!

If you think of areas like stroke, cancer, diabetes etc etc they are very much at the forefront (not saying they shouldn’t be mind!) - they seem to have got their acts together in these sectors

Nevertheless the NHS is a wonderful thing - where would we be without it - but from GP’s to hospitals they do seem to be so overwhelmed xxjenxxx