Good news from neuro appointment

Well despite a further lesion on my brain over a month since the last one I have been officially diagnosed with clinically isolated syndrome. Neuro thinks I will get much better in a few months although there may be some residual problems, eg sensory problems in my hand. He has referred me to an ms nurse to discuss physio and OT. I find it hard to believe right now that I could actually get my life back but there is a glimmer of hope in me now :slight_smile: I am ignoring the 50% chance of it happening again at the moment. Thanks everyone here for all your kind words and support that has helped me get through these last few very scary weeks. You are all wonderful!

Great news Good luck Gray xxx

That’s so great to hear.

Wishing you a speedy journey back to normality xx

That’s great news. Hope you get back to normal as quickly as possible

Sharon x

Good luck, I hope you do have a full recovery.

Iit’s good that you’re getting plenty of support too :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Yay fab news. I shall have a celebratory pud for you of your choice. Axx

Thanks so much everyone. I actually went out for lunch today, the first time I have been out since 16 August. I am paying for it now despite sleeping all afternoon so I need to have strong words with my body about listening to the neuro and getting better! Has anyone else tried the mindfulness for health meditation book? I am working my way through it to help with my chronic pain (neuro was worried about the amount of painkillers I was on).

Marvelous news. I too, like Arwen, will celebrate on your behalf with a big slice of cake with my cup of tea.

I don’t know about the book, but I know of others on the EL forum who practice mindfulness. Perhaps give them a nudge?

Angela xx

We should have a virtual tea party! I will bring carrot cake, yum.


But how on earth would we get our 5 a day otherwise? !

Thats fantastic news! I think the attitude re forgetting it is a good one. You don’t want to worry about something that may never happen.

As for veg in cake/puddings we could do:

Lemon cake

Carrot cake

Rhubarb and apple crumble

I’m running out veg that might be suitable now :-/


I believe you can put beetroot in a chocolate cake as well. Axx