Some idiot gave me a job!!

So, the question is will I survive it? I retired on the grounds of ill health four years ago, thinking of how great it would be and looking forward to having all my time to myself. I had a to do list as long as my sons legs (he is 6’6"). Now here’s the thing. Fast forward four years and I am bored sh**less, the list is just about done and there is only so much Jeremy Kyle a sane person can take. So, I decided to take a punt and see if anyone would take me on. Much to my surprise I got an interview off my first application, even more of a surprise was a telephone call later the same day offering me the job. It’s with Citizens Advice and I’m a Hospital Outreach worker, only for two days a week but hey, it’s a start. I go to two hospitals in Aberdeen, a day in each, and sort out any problems patients being discharged have. Pretty much dealing with Housing, PIP, Attendance Allowance etc etc. It’s pretty interesting but knackering. I am absolutely done each day but to be honest I would rather peg out trying to do something as opposed to living an extra ten years sitting watching Judge Judy. God knows how long I will last but it’s made me feel better about myself. That’s a start.


Feeling better about yourself and providing a tangible and valuable service in the process sounds like a win/win to me.

nice to hear such positive stuff.

all the best


Well done Gary that’s great news. I’m p/t now but love my job and it gives me a reason to get dressed three days a week!

Sounds like your role will be quite hands on with people who are wandering in a wilderness of new experiences and will be invaluable to many. Take care of yourself and remember to switch off when you get home, I wish you well.


Hi Gary, that’s the kind of job i would’ve loved!

You’re helping folk like yourself…In need of the right info and feeling like you’re staring into an abyss!

Well done you!

Take rest, good quality rest in between workdays and enjoy!

Btw…There’s nowt wrong with Judge Judy! Jeremy Kyle? Well, mmm, not so entertaining!


More power to you Gary M

Well done Gary that’s brilliant!

Im looking into volunteer work myself, I’m eager to get back out there and still be a part of the functioning world!

Oh, and Can’t stand Jeremy Vile(!) I prefer ch5 in the mornings :slight_smile:

  • tho’ i do indulge in a guilty pleasure on 3 occasionally… Judge Rinder. “TALKING!”

Brilliant news Gary!

When I go to the hospital every month for Tysabri I always have a look at the notice board for the MS research department (jointly run by the hospital and Cardiff University). They do a lot of research and put the completed papers up on the board. One that caught my attention was that people diagnosed with MS who retire immediately tend to have worse outcomes than those who stay in work. My consultant was very keen that I stayed in employment as long as I realisticly could.

There was, however, no mention in the study wether too much daytime TV increased cognitive decline though!

Good for you Gary. Going out working if you can has got to be a good thing :slight_smile:

hope everything goes really well


Good for you Gary. Everyone needs to feel they have a purpose and the interaction is crucial!

I’m missing the “like” button!!! :-/

Well done. Sounds like an excellent job.

I’m also missing the like button. Boo.


Well done Gary, just take things steady and enjoy it.


Congratulations Gary - it’s lovely to hear such positive news!!

You have such a lot to offer a job like that your understanding alone will mean you’ll think of things others won’t to ensure discharged patients stay at home and cared for. Good luck let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Ps I find the secret is doing things that can be done tomorrow … well tomorrow and proper rest when I’m not at work (with good food… cue the meat and potatoes)

Great and well done Gary!!

well done gary

i have often thought myself that i’d like to start working again if only a a volunteer.

trouble is i was a nursery teacher and nowadays i can get onto the floor but struggle to get up.

i need to get on the floor because i am tall and like to be at the same level as the kids.

anyway enjoy the buzz

carole x

Well done Gary, good for you!!!

i need more interaction, ok my job’s bfore were very busy & now ‘’ Youtube, TV, bla bla bla,

my only saving grace is pop master, giza job!!!

i miss the like button too

Take care, julien

Well done Gary.

How`s the job going Gaz?



Sorry, for some reason I can only post a sentence or two. Will try an update tomorrow

Glad to hear it! Would love to hear more about how’re you’re feeling and coping with the job demands hopefully your update idea will work