Some Idiot Gave Me a Job (Update)

So, that’s almost four months I have been working. So, how has it gone? Well, I’m absolutely cream crackered all the time and feel dreadful from the moment I open my eyes in the morning. Have found the job stressful as it’s pretty much the same pressure as I had when I was a social worker. It’s all very well being told that you only work 12 hours a week but I reckon you can add another half dozen on to the time I put in. But, what to do? I reckon I will give it another couple of months and if things don’t improve then I may have to jack it in. Hopefully not but got to keep an open mind. I had to inform DWP as it is classed as permitted work and, if I have to give it up, I suppose I have more evidence that I am unable to work. Strangely unsatisfying.


Hugs x

Any chance of sticking to the 12 you’re paid for? Not always easy to have that discipline of stopping when the clock says stop, I know, and it depends on the job but that may be the only way to keep it going?

Good luck whatever you decide.