The job

Couldnt find my old post ,so…

New jobs goin good, was freaking out beforehand but its not too hard.

Hours are long though, done a 60 hour week, holdin up ok.

Was workin all over the south east, peterborough and norwich and cambridge, weathers good there :slight_smile:

its good to know i can still work, for a minute there i though i was done

great news there raymond

has the fatigue not got you? anyway make sure you get enough rest and a good night out

carole x

i mean ive been tired but seems like to me that the work kinda gets me through,

ive not been livin well this week, hardly any sleep, worked 60 hours plus 17 hours travel time, eatin whatever comes by (kebabs indians chinese etc all the sh*t of the day, smoking, but i dont feel burnt out yet,

Hopefully this spell continues :slight_smile:

Well done Raymond!

Think you should get a GOLD for that!

Was worried about you in this heat but should have known you’d manage ok.

Rest when you get a chance… but hey Raymond… more important, enjoy it.

Pat x

Hi Raymond,

I think you are very brave and well done, as the others have mentioned don’t you suffer with fatigue or do you just collapse at the end of the day. But good for you, keep going.



Really pleased it’s going well for you and you know you can work ok, after all. It’ll become easier when you get into a routine (not sure if that’ll happen as it sounds like you’re travelling a lot). Don’t overdo it, make sure you can sustain the life you are carving out for yourself. It also means you can look for something more local, in the fullness of time. Great news

B x