New Job

Feeling excited as I’ve just been offered a new job So someone wants me - I’m not completely useless!!!

Congratulations-excellent news

Good news.

Hey cc, Congratulations dude ! Andy

Thanks everyone

Wait, it’s not in a grocer’s is it ? :wink: can’t be eating profits…

Congrats I am hunting at the moment!

Haha Caraboy - no it’s not! Thanks Highandlow - hope you find something soon. My job was advertised on a card in the local Sainsburys store - the company said they don’t advertise very often or very extensively. I wasn’t properly searching for employment, just browsing the ‘for sale/wanted’ cards in Sainsburys as I had some time on my hands!!!

Well congratulations! Hope it works out well for you :slight_smile: When do you start, and what will you be doing?

Thanks Jellysundae - got 5 days training over a 2 week period in July, then will be starting ‘properly’ after that. It’s help/companionship for the elderly - really looking forward to it. Won’t be doing loads of hours, but it will keep me in employment.

Hope you get some really nice people to keep company then :smiley: That’s going to be a really rewarding job when they are.

Yep! Working with the elderly is always rewarding - sometimes challenging, but always a privilege to be part of their lives. I feel very blessed to be given this job - and soooo looking forward to it.

Good news - great to hear!

Best wishes


Oh that`s a bit different…well done you…hope you enjoy it!


sounds great well done you, i am sure you will find it very rewarding, i should work with the old people as they seem to love me,lol.

J x

Well done CC

Thanks David, Poll, MrsJ and Graham… been overwhelmed by the responses from everyone . Thank you all so much.

Hazel x

We do care about each other here…in bad times and not so bad!