Some advice please

Hi everyone

Its been a while but just wanted to pop in and get some advice from the more knowledgable among you. I was diaganosied in January and am currently taking rebif 22mg. My symptoms have all beenn sensory and effect mainly my left side since diaganosis I have been relatively ok. The week before Easter I fell and cut and bruised my right knee, and right and left hand. However that night I had very bad pain in my left knee,it woke me from my sleep and although I never actually went down on my left knee I put it down to pulled muscles.

Since then I have been suffer really badly with pain in my left leg, from my ankle right up to my thigh. Its like a tight cramping pain and nortryptiline has not helped at all.

I have also noticed a tightening at the bottom of my ring finger on my left hand side almost as if I have a ring on that finger when I dont.

Does anyone think this is just as a result of my falling or could I be starting a relapes. I dont want to put everything down to ms but I dont want to ignore signs either. Any advice would be grateful.

Ruby x

I’m not sure to be honest. Did you land on hand and pull ligament attached to finger maybe? Could you be weight bearing more on left knee as right knee too painful to walk properly? If it’s musculoskeletal a good osteopath should do the trick. Seeing an osteopath actually triggered my seeing GP to investigate numb/tingly leg further. After 2 sessions she said if it wasn’t improving it wasn’t musculoskeletal. She did warn me I might be better off not knowing… I think she had an inkling way before me!

Need to see her again about sciatic pain now. I just wish good osteopaths were available on the NHS.

Also, a steroid injection in my knee 1 year ago seems to have cured that pain. Sciatica on same side though. Maybe I walk unevenly…