Some advice please

Hi everyone

Its been a while but just wanted to pop in and get some advice from the more knowledgable among you. I was diaganosied in January and am currently taking rebif 22mg. My symptoms have all beenn sensory and effect mainly my left side since diaganosis I have been relatively ok. The week before Easter I fell and cut and bruised my right knee, and right and left hand. However that night I had very bad pain in my left knee,it woke me from my sleep and although I never actually went down on my left knee I put it down to pulled muscles.

Since then I have been suffer really badly with pain in my left leg, from my ankle right up to my thigh. Its like a tight cramping pain and nortryptiline has not helped at all.

I have also noticed a tightening at the bottom of my ring finger on my left hand side almost as if I have a ring on that finger when I dont.

Does anyone think this is just as a result of my falling or could I be starting a relapes. I dont want to put everything down to ms but I dont want to ignore signs either. Any advice would be grateful.

Ruby x

Hi Ruby, sorry to hear about your fall.

If I were you, I think I would ring my MS nurse and ask her opinion.

I hope you feel better soon hun.

luv Pollx