solicitors!!!!.....not MS

Getting very frustrated now, we are selling and buying (house) We are having trouble (I think) regarding hubby’s ID, we are using solicitors we have always used and in fact have his PA, because when we bought this house hubby was posted to Ascension (no problems buying this then!) as he has worked overseas all the time we have been here all utility bills are in my name (no trouble with my ID!) we did this because they will only talk to account holders, he has done as we are all told we should, changed to non paper statements and now they want,'from list B 'utility bills or bank statements, grrrrr, they’ve already seen passport, driving licence, enhanced CRB for his new job AND they have his power of attorney themselves! now got to wait for the bank to send a paper statement, which is not too big a deal if they are actually getting on with searches etc on our purchase, just very frustrating, wouldn’t mind but there is eough equity in this to buy the new one and pay all their fees, and stamp duty,they will be owing us money which will be paid into an account they have already had proof for, oh yes, now they want our wedding certificate as well, even though they have accepted my ID in my marrried name although the original conveyancing (from when we bought this) is in my maiden name…we do actually own this house!, but you wouldn’t think so!..can sort it but just getting ridiculous, everyday something else, maybe everybody should provide DNA when they buy a house in order to prove that they are who they say they are!

OK rant over, apart from that everything is going very well, buyers survey done on this and ours done on bungalow had our structural report and seems he could find so little wrong with it that even the woodlice by a rotten bit of porch got a mention!

Alison x

Hi Alison, I sold a flat a couple of years ago and found the whole experience a nightmare… esp the solicitor! It was either a case of not being able to get hold of her at all… no return calls or response to emails… or she would phone me to say something had come up that was going to cost yet more money (insurance to stop the local Church of England demanding funds in future was one that comes to mind!). Can’t remember having ID problems, but I’ve forgotten a lot of the hassles and have no desire to bring the memories back!

Thought it would never get sorted. But of course it did. Hang on in there. One day it will all be a fuzzy memory and you’ll be in your new home.

Good luck with it all,

Pat x

Thanks, I’m just tempted to tell them to use his power of attorney, like last time! but hubby says he’d actually like him and me to buy a house not me and Mark (solicitor) again lol! It’s going fine apart from the ID one from list ‘A’ and one from list ‘B’, Surveys etc. fine, probably me just wanting to get this done and get moving! I want it to be a fuzzy memory in about 4 weeks from today! had the removals people to give us a quote yesterday, luckily the boss lives on the street we are hoping to move to and said he’ll do us a good deal, we only stopped to ask him a couple of questions about the street lights(or lack there of) he was out gardening. We’ll sort it, but with so much stuff done on line, it makes it more difficult.

aliso x

The only people who seem to be able to get bank accounts etc without any problems are the crooks and low-life (you know the ones the system was set-up to stop ‘laundering’ money!) .

We live in a mad MAD MAD world (But don’t worry to know this we do not need evidence {in triplicate} whilst jumping through a hoop backwards - the only thing I can think of is that it is finding work for some of the unemployed: the phsychiatrist, the physychiatric nurses etc to deal with the poor souls driven to distraction by “the system”) - don’t forget the number of lumberjacks being employed to cut down the forests to supply the paperwork, meanwhile the crooks are infiltating the banks, government, solicitors etc to make sure that any ‘innocent’ person trying to negotiate through the ‘sea of treacle’ get caught and thrown to the sharks of ‘law’ to make sure that they get robbed of any sanity (and cash) they may have retained.

‘Nil desperandum’ Alison, don’t let the b******rs get you down, keep low and keep your head down and hopefully you will manage to breach their defences and achieve your goal.

Gook Luck, Ann

We will, as I say they actually have hubby’s power of attorney, so I can get Mark (solicitor) to do the signing if it comes to it! yes all about the money laundering, not like we are actually going to see much of this money…well not enough to make it worth the hassle!..but the bungalow is in sight now

Alison x…yes that really is me, I can provide ID from ‘list A’ if you wish! lol